Listing # 1:     Pool Director     at     Riverside Yacht Club
Contact Gary B. Ashley via phone at 203-637-1706 or email at
This listing expires on 10 / 6 / 2022
Additional information about this job:
Pool Directors Job Duties
•Monitoring swimming pool safety and security, including ensuring that no one enters the pool when it is closed for cleaning
•Maintaining pool facilities, including chemicals, equipment, and supplies
•Establishing and enforcing rules for pool use, such as time limits for swim sessions and pool occupancy limits
•Ensure the facility is clean, safe and well always maintained
•Training lifeguards in emergency procedures, including rescuing swimmers in distress
•Scheduling lifeguards for shifts and supervising their work performance
•Scheduling repairs and upkeep of the pool facility to ensure proper working order
•Recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and assigning staff members as needed to ensure smooth operation of the pool facility
•Ensure bathrooms and locker rooms are checked hourly for cleanliness
•Oversee the beach area for cleanliness
•Check that daily opening and closing checklist are completed
•Performing administrative tasks such as maintaining records of attendance and locker room assignments.

Pool Manager Job Requirements
Training & Experience: In addition to transitional period with the outgoing Pool Director training from the pool maintenance company will be given in operation of pool equipment. This training will include learning about pool maintenance, safety and lifeguarding.
Certifications & Licenses: Certification in life-guarding is a must. If not certified in Pool Management, the club will assist with fees and any other costs.
Pool Manager Skills
Leadership: Leadership is important aspect of the responsibilities with a “lead by example” mindset.
Communication: As a pool manager, you may be responsible for communicating with a variety of people, including members, members children and guests. In addition, a strong line of communication is important between employees and management. It’s important to be able to convey information clearly and concisely.
Membership service: Service skills are important as you will interact with members to ensure they have a positive experience. As a pool manager, you may be responsible for answering questions, directing members to the correct area and ensuring they have a first-class experience when enjoying the club’s facilities.
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