Listing # 10:     Club Manager     at     Newfield Swim Club
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This listing expires on 8 / 1 / 2020
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Newfield Club Manager position
The Newfield Swim & Tennis Club seeks a motivated and service oriented Manager to run our facility beginning January 2020. While Newfield is a seasonal club (Memorial Day to Labor Day), there is a year-round element to the Club Manager role as we are domiciled in a quiet Stamford neighborhood and are committed to being good neighbors. The Club Manager serves as Newfield’s liaison and the primary contact.
The Club Manager shall work under the authority and supervision of Newfield’s Board of Directors.
The Club Manager shall perform such functions, duties and assignments as designated by the Club’s Board of Director’s including, but not limited to, the following:
A. Primary responsibility for effective operation and maintenance of the Club’s physical facilities, including, but not limited to: pools, pool deck areas, tennis courts, playground area, snack-bar area, basketball court area, walled practice courts and peripheral grass areas.
B. Primary responsibility for the conduct of all operations related to the Club’s physical facilities, including, but not limited to: safe, secure, sanitary and functional maintenance of such facilities and of all equipment related to such facilities.
C. Direct supervision of the Club’s Assistant Manager(s), the maintenance staff, the control desk/security staff and lifeguards. The Club Manager shall manage payroll reporting and distribute all staff pay stubs each pay period.
D. Coordination of the scheduling requirements of the Tennis Staff and Aquatics Staff.
E. With the authority of the Board of Directors, Club Manager will deal effectively with the Club members and their guests, and guide their behavior according to established rules and procedures (enforce Club rules).
F. Coordination with the Club’s Membership Chair and the Club Staff rosters of paid members and participation in tennis, swim, dive (and other) teams.
G. The Manager shall have the authority to hire Assistant Manager(s) subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

The Club Manager shall, throughout the full-time summer season, be present on the club’s premises performing their duties as Club Manager for an average of 45 hours each week. The Club Manager shall be responsible for scheduling senior staff supervision of the Club (Assistant Club Manager), those set forth (in items a through g) above, during those periods when Club Manager is not present.
The Club Manager shall also attend all regular meetings of the Club’s Board of Directors, and provide status updates accordingly.
The Club Manager shall also devote other time, including authorized and necessary interactions with local vendors, prior and subsequent to the Club’s full time summer season that is necessary to ensure timely “opening” and “closing” of the Club’s facilities, on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, respectively, or other dates designated by the Board of Directors.
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