Listing # 4:     Aquatics Director     at     Roton Point Club
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This listing expires on 4 / 30 / 2022
Additional information about this job:
Job Description: Aquatics Director
Reports to: General Manager

Pre-Season Commitment:
• Prior to the beginning of the season, participate in planning meetings with the General Manager, Youth Director, members of the Aquatics Committee, and members of the Operations Committee for the purpose of ensuring a mutual understanding of the duties and responsibilities of Roton Point staff regarding Aquatics facilities and programs.

Daily Employee Management:

• Manage Roton Point Swimming, Diving and Water Polo coaching staff and teams as well as all other aquatics programs and lessons and related staff.
• Hire, schedule, train all lifeguards, including confirmation of their certifications for pool and open water lifesaving duties. Manage and oversee their responsibilities on site at the pools, beach, swim floats and related or adjoining areas such as the pool decks, lawns and walkways including Carousel House.
• Prepare, manage, and supervise competitive swim and dive meets and water polo matches.

Instruction Programs:

• Develop instruction programs for all (fee based) private and group lessons and clinics for delivery by coaches, lifeguards, or other qualified instructors.
• Schedule all lesson times and instructors
• Develop instruction programs for all youth camp lessons conducted at the pool.
• Manage on the pool deck all lesson programs so that they are commenced and completed in a proper and timely manner, checking attendance and sign-up paperwork, preparing chits (bills) and spreadsheets for weekly reporting/compensation to instructors, facilitating instructor, parent and student interactions and oversight of the overall lesson experience.
• Oversee the supervisory and hourly level personnel and lifeguards along with any staff that engage in coaching and instruction, while ensuring for the safety of our members, their families, children, guests, and staff alike.

Plan and Direct Facility Operations:

• Supervise water chemistry testing and maintenance.

Event Planning, Publicity, and Communications:

• Plan and coordinate special aquatics events including pre-season swim assessments, Pizza Pep Rally, Wacky Water Night, Holiday Beach Games and Year-end banquet. Responsibilities may be shared with the Swim Team Parent Chairs, the Youth Director or Coaches.
• Responsible for all communications regarding swim, diving and water polo teams and emergency weather and pool closing notices to members.

Member satisfaction is at the core of all Roton Point programs and offerings. An important responsibility of the Aquatics Director is helping to maintain for our members a friendly, safe, and fun environment at our Aquatics facilities and during all activities. Strong communication skills are required when interacting with members, enforcing rules relating to safety, cleanliness and comfort, and addressing member and licensee questions and concerns regarding aquatics matters and activities.

The Aquatics Director Job Description represents a general overview of the position for which you will be employed; it is not intended as a complete list of responsibilities or job duties or as a complete schedule of the time that may be required to fulfill those responsibilities. The Aquatics Director is an integral part of the Roton Point management team and, as such, the Director is responsible to lead and act, as may be appropriate and necessary, for Aquatics operations to run smoothly, safely and efficiently during your employment.
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