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2019 Water Polo Playoffs

Midget Division 1 Tournament

Tuesday August 6 at Milbrook Club

      Game 1: 3:30pm Seed #1 Milbrook Club    18    vs. 9 Riverside Yacht Club Seed #4
      Game 2: 4:20pm Seed #2 Rocky Point Club 14 vs. 5 Roxbury S&T Club Seed #3

      5:45pm (Third Place Game) Roxbury S&T Cl. 6 vs. 13 Riverside Yacht Club
      6:40pm (First Place Game) Milbrook Club      8 vs. 13 Rocky Point Club.

      All Tournament Team
      Nora Mendelsohn       Rocky Point                 Jackson Shaw          Milbrook
      Henry Wise                Rocky Point                 Emerson Shockley     Milbrook
      Kaleigh Murphy          Rocky Point                  Reed Keller              Milbrook
      Leda Lindsay               Rocky Point                 Britt Clark                 Riverside YC
      Ava Bernstein              Roxbury S & T            Marco Sethi              Riverside YC

Junior Division 1 Tournament

Wednesday, August 7 at Greenwich Country Club

      3:30pm Seed #1 Rocky Point Club vs. The Lake Club Seed #4
      4:20pm Seed #2 Roxbury S&T Club vs. Greenwich CC Seed #3

      5:45pm (3rd Place Game) Loser Game #1 vs. Loser Game #2
      6:40pm (1st Place Game) Winner Game #1 vs. Winner Game #2

Midget Division 2 Tournament

Monday. August 5 at Stamford Yacht Club

      Game 1: 3:30pm Seed #1 Newfield S&T   13 vs.  5 Stamford YC Seed #4
      Game 2: 4:20pm Seed #2 New Canaan FC 10 vs. 14 Innis Arden Seed #3

      5:45pm (Third Place Game) Stamford YC     9 vs. 7 New Canaan FC
      6:40pm (First Place Game) Newfield S&T   10 vs. 2 Innis Arden.

      All Tournament Team
     Jack Cunningham       Newfield                 Shay Sippel                Innis Arden
      Ryan Bodick              Newfield                 Brendan Curley          Innis Arden
      Michael Dilullo          Newfield                  Elizabeth Sullivan       Innis Arden
      Trey Rivera               Newfield                 Jackson Philip             Stamford YC
      Michael Telesco       New Canaaan FC    Wynton Buerstetta      Stamford YC

Junior Division 2 Tournament
Wednesday. August 7 at Newfield S&T

      Game 1: 3:30pm Seed #1 Innis Arden vs. New Canaan FC Seed #4
      Game 2: 4:20pm Seed #2 Newfield S&T vs. Waveny Pool Seed #3

      5:45pm (Third Place Game) Loser Game #1 vs. Loser Game #2
      6:40pm (First Place Game) Winner Game #1 vs. Winner Game #2.

Midgets & Juniors Division 3 Tournaments

Wednesday August 7 at Middlesex Club

Game 1: 3:00pm Midgets Middlesex vs. Tokeneke
Game 2: 3:45pm Juniors Middlesex vs. Tokeneke

Game 3: 4:30pm Midgets Tokeneke vs. Rocky Point B
Game 4: 5:15pm Juniors Tokeneke vs. Rocky Point B

Game 5: 6:00pm Midgets Middlesex vs. Rocky Point B
Game 6: 6:45pm Juniors Middlesex vs. Rocky Point B

Note: Both Division 3 Tournaments are 3 team tournaments.
CCD was unable to field a team.
Need to do both tournaments at same venue.
Each team will play the other two teams in a round robin.
Places determined by standings in the round robin.

Senior Tournament - All Divisions

Thursday, August 8 at Rocky Point Club

First Round Games:
****This Tournament has been reseeded on 8/6 since Greenwich C.C. could not field a team!!! Please make sure when you teams are playing.
      Game 1:   9:20am Seed 1, Roxbury S&T vs. Lake Club Seed 8
      Game 2: 10:10am Seed 4, Burning Tree vs. Middlesex Seed 5

      Game 3: 11:00am Seed 2, Rocky Point vs. Milbrook Seed 7
      Game 4: 11:50am Seed 3, Newfield S&T vs. Riverside YC Seed 6

      Game 5: 12:40pm   Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2
      Game 6:   1:30pm   Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4

      Game 7:   2:20pm   Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 (Semi-Final)
      Game 8:   3:10pm   Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4 (Semi-Final)

      4:00pm :   Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6      5th/6th place game
      5:10pm :    Loser Game 7 vs. Loser Game 8      3rd/4th place game
      6:20pm :   Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 8      Championship game