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FCSL Key Dates for 2020 - ALL TENTATIVE

This schedule is subject to change. Please check back regularly for the latest info.
Thursday, 6/4Annual League KICKOFF Dinner Meeting 6:00 PM: check-in at Country Club of Darien
Attendance by at least one Swim Coach and Swim Chair per club is MANDATORY
Water Polo Chairs must attend this meeting OR later Water Polo Coach/Referee Meeting.

MANDATORY Swim COACHES Mtg. 6:00 PM (Min. 1 Swim Coach/Club.)
MANDATORY Swim CHAIRS Mtg. 6:00 PM (Scorers & Dive Chairs also welcome)
6:45 PM League Dinner and Meeting - MANDATORY for Swim Coach and Swim Chair, others welcome.
Monday, 6/15SWIM REFEREES Training - DATE/Place: TBA
MANDATORY All prospective Swim Referees and ALL existing FCSL referees MUST attend ONE of two sessions OR CANNOT officiate in 2020. (No current swim parents!)
Any Swim Coach new to FCSL in 2020 should attend even if not becoming a Referee.
NOTE: Swim Referees for FCSL dual meets will be assigned by FCSL - Email any questions or specific requests to FCSL Coaches Rep., Rick Lewis, lewisshark@aol.com
NOTE: PLACEHOLDER DATE - POSSIBLY week of June 15, POSSIBLY Two dates in two locations.
Monday, 6/15Club Swim Chair MUST submit Eligibility Exception Petition to FCSL Board (via website) for any prospective participating Employee children before first club dual meet/game. Employees child can NOT participate until Board vote in favor is complete.
Tuesday, 6/16 HyTek Team Manager Training by individual appointment only this year. Date TBA
MANDATORY for all NEW Swim Coaches and any others who will do Swim Champs Entries or input Club Rosters. Contact entries@fcsl.info for more info
Need laptop, with HyTek Team Manager installed! TM program is not Apple compatible.
Swim Chairs welcome! Contact entries@fcsl.info (Beth Ritz/Rick Lewis) for more info & to register by email.
Saturday, 6/20WATER POLO Coaches Meeting/Referees Training at Burning Tree Country Club, 7:30pm
MANDATORY: ALL Club WP CHAIRS must attend (if not at Kick-off Dinner.)
As in past years, dual game WP Referees will be appointed by FCSL WP Coaches Rep. Paul Ramaley
Monday, 6/22DIVING Coaches' Meeting/Referee Training at New Canaan Field Club 6 PM
MANDATORY: ALL Club Dive COACHES & ALL DIVE REFEREES must attend. $100 fine Coach/ Referee no-shows.
MANDATORY: ALL Club Dive CHAIRS should attend (if not at Kick-off Dinner), all welcome.

Dual meet Dive Referees will be appointed by the League in advance of dual meets.
Email any questions or specific requests to Joe Somma at whirlwinddiving@gmail.com prior to this meeting.
Thursday, 6/25MANDATORY Full Club Athlete Roster DUE (name & date of birth) including swim/dive/WP athletes in HyTek Export/Rosters zip file (or compatible). Note: Google/Excel files are not compatible. Possible Fine for non-compliance!
Please use FCSL 4 character Team Code (see club page on FCSL website for code.)
Use Group code D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6 (To set globally: In Team Manager use Teams, Maintenance, Group,... )
Send Export zip file from HyTek Team Manager (or equivalent):
choose File, Export, Athletes/Teams, choose drop-down Team, OK
Email to entries@fcsl.info by 6pm 6/25, to be received before first dual meet or game.

Additional athletes may be added later (send replacement or additional file) before participation in dual meet or water polo game.
Wednesday, 7/22Divisional Chair Meeting Date/Time TBA Location tentatively at New Canaan Field Club. Attendance by Invitation only.
Sunday, 7/26MANDATORY - Championship DIVING ENTRY Submissions due by 6:00 PM to Joe Somma, Meet Mgr PLEASE PUT ENTRIES IN simple WORD Doc.
Entry lists and Volunteers list must be EMAILED to divingentries@fcsl.info or divereport@fcsl.info)
Expect an email confirming receipt. If not received by Monday please contact Joe!
Monday, 7/27MANDATORY DIVING Coaches Seeding Meeting/Championship Referees, at New Canaan Field Club, 6:00 PM
Diving entry submissions (Entry lists and Volunteers list) must be brought to Mtg.(divereport@fcsl.info)
Wednesday, 7/2914/U & 17/U DIVING Championships at Burning Tree Country Club, 7:30 AM Warm-Up - 8:30 AM Start
Wednesday, 7/29ALL Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: SWIM Championships ENTRIES due by 6 PM by email to entries@fcsl.info
NOTE: Any non-conforming entry times (e.g. from Yds meets) MUST be converted to SCM before submitting entry.
All dual meet scores should be input on FCSL web site within 24 hours of end of each dual meet.
Thursday, 7/3010/U DIVING Championships at New Canaan Field Club,7:30 AM Warm-Up - 8:30 AM Start
Friday, 7/3112/U DIVING Championships at The Lake Club, 7:30 AM Warm-Up - 8:30 AM Start
Followed by MANDATORY FCSL Diving Coaches Meeting (Lunch will be served) Please come prepared with any new business items and don't forget to hand in your Award nominations.
Monday, 8/3Placeholder Date only as ALL DATES TBD - Possibly week of Aug 3
WATER POLO Championship Tournaments teams and locations will be posted when qualifying teams known.
Water Polo Divisional MIDGET & JUNIOR Tournaments start 3:30pm at TBD. Locations/Dates tentative!
DIVISIONAL SWIM Championships at TBA 7:30 AM warmup, 9:00 AM start
(D3 & D4; D5 & D6 divisions will be swum combined but scored separately)
Tuesday, 8/4TUESDAY
DIVISION 1 SWIM Championships at Greenwich Water Club 7:30 AM warmup, 9:00 AM start
Tuesday, 8/4ALL AD's for County Program Due in printable format by 12 Midnight, (absolute latest)- details will be on website.
Personal Ads and non-FCSL Ads are due earlier - please check back for details.
Email Ads to ads@fcsl.info -- snail-mail checks, payable to FCSL, to Janet Gill-Gentry, 175 Sawmill Road, Stamford, CT 06903
Wednesday, 8/5MANDATORY County Seed Meeting & SWIM/DIVE/WP Scheduling Luncheon, Wed., location TBA
ALL Counties SCRATCHES are DUE NOW; Parents please tell Coaches BEFORE NOW if your swimmer is not available for Counties.
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM: 2019 Dual Meet Scheduling Meeting - Swim Coach Mandatory!
11:15 AM - 12:00 noon: 2019 Water Polo Scheduling Meeting - WP Coach Mandatory!!
12:00 noon - 1:00 PM: County Champs 2020 Seed/Scratch Meeting - Swim Coach Mandatory!

Divisional Results will be posted on Front Page of fcsl.info plus 'Top 30 for Counties' list to use for scratching for Counties.
Thursday, 8/6WATER POLO ALL Divisions SENIOR Tournament - All Day Thursday at Rocky Point (Please Car Pool to the Club). Starts 9:30 AM
Friday, 8/7Annual League Meeting/Awards Dinner BANQUET at Woodway Country Club, Friday, 6:30 PM
MANDATORY Swim Chair & Swim Coach attendance! Other Coaches/Chairs welcome!
Saturday, 8/8FCSL "Counties" SWIM Championships at TBA 7:00 AM warmup, 8:30 AM start