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  FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

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1.How do swimmers qualify for Divisionals? Changed 2019    [Topics]
  Each swimmer must swim in ONE (or more) FCSL dual meets.
Teams usually enter their fastest swimmers in each event.

From 2019 swim/dive increased to 6 divisions with less dual meets per division so requirement changed to one or more dual meets.
2.What is max # of swimmers that can be entered for Divisionals?    [Topics]
  Each Club may enter up to 3 swimmers per event in Divisionals.

See also FAQ#9 below - Alternates.
3.How many events can I swim?    [Topics]
  Up to 3 individual (swim/dive) events plus 1 relay event
Up to 2 individual swim/dive events plus both relay events.
This applies to dual meets AND Swim Championships although NOT to Diving Championships
***See also Diving FAQ's and FAQ#5 below ***
4.How do swimmers qualify for Counties?    [Topics]
  All Divisional Championship times in each swim event are combined to find the fastest swimmers eligible to swim at Counties.
5.In Dual Meets: Can I dive and swim?    [Topics]
  Yes, but Diving counts as one of your individual events when calculating your maximum # events ( max 4)
This means you can dive (one event) and swim three individual events.
OR you can dive (one event) and swim two individual events and one relay event.
OR you can dive (one event) and swim one individual events and swim both relay events.
***Different for Championships!***
6.What is the max number of events per swimmer in a Dual Meet?    [Topics]
  Dual Meet Max: is four(4) events of which one(1) must be a relay.
So if you do not dive the max is three(3) individual events plus one relay.

OR max is two(2) individual events plus two(2) relays.

If you do not swim a relay the max number of events is 3 individual events.
7.Can I swim for more than one club in FCSL dual meets, Divisionals or Counties?    [Topics]

Even if you belong to two clubs you cannot compete for both. (See WP exception)
You cannot change club representation during the season.
8.Can I swim an individual event at Counties even if I did not swim at Divisionals?    [Topics]

NOTE: If listed in meet database for Divisionals entries, you can still swim on a Relay at Counties.
9.What are Alternates?    [Topics]
  Divisional Alternates are Swimmers who are conditionally entered but only swim in the event if a faster swimmer from the same Club Scratches that event.
Each Club may enter one Alternate per event in Divisionals.
Not the same as County Alternates who are the next two fastest swimmers in the event from the combined Divisional results, after the County heats have been filled.
10.Can Alternates swim at Counties?    [Topics]
  Only if one of the faster, seeded swimmers Scratches or 'No-Shows' for Counties.
Swimmers must be ready and waiting at the blocks if not already advised of a No-Show.
Alternates for Counties have already swum the event at Divisionals.
11.How are Divisionals Seeded?    [Topics]
  The swimmers entered times are listed in time order.
The fastest swimmers are put in the last heat to be swum, filling up all the lanes.
The next fastest group swims in the heat before that, etc.

The first heat to be swum, with the slowest times, should have at least 3 swimmers even if that means the next heat has 1 or 2 empty lanes.
12.How are Counties events Seeded?    [Topics]
  Counties fills up a maximum of two heats (in an eight-lane pool) with the slower times in the first heat, faster times in the second heat.
Tied times for the last position in each of the heats may require a Swim-Off during County warm-ups.
13.How likely am I to qualify for Counties at a Division 5 or 6 Club?    [Topics]
  Division 1 supplies most of the swimmers at Counties as, historically, they are the most successful & larger teams with more fast swimmers, Division 2 supplies quite a lot of swimmers too, Div 3......etc.
Even in the lower Divisions some swimmers qualify for Counties each year.

In 2012, a Division 5 swimmer broke 3 FCSL Records at Counties!
14.How does FCSL score dual meets?    [Topics]
  Places 1, 2, 3 in dual meets score 5, 3, 1 points, with a max Club Score of 8 points (not 9!) per event.
If the 3rd place swimmer is in same team as 1st & 2nd places: highest placed swimmer on opposing team receives the point for Place 3.

Relays score 7 points for 1st place only. No points for other relay places.
15.How does FCSL score Divisionals?    [Topics]
  Divisional events score thru first 12 places with awards given to match.
Relays score double thru' 12 places.
16.Trouble importing Divisionals/Counties Results into HyTek Team Mgr?    [Topics]
  If the Club's results do not show up, you may be using the wrong code name for your team.
To correct the Team Code in Team Mgr choose Teams, Edit and try again.
Official FCSL club code names are in each Club listing in About the Clubs
17.I am a FCSL Club parent - can I be a FCSL Referee?    [Topics]
  FCSL does NOT encourage parents to become FCSL Swim Referees.
Retired FCSL swimmers (18+) may train to become an FCSL Swim Referee.
FCSL or YMCA/college/USA Swim Coaches are encouraged to become FCSL Referees.
Contact FCSL Officials Chair for certification info and see also Key Dates for possible training dates.
18.I am a FCSL Club Parent - what can I do to help?    [Topics]
  Parents are encouraged to become Timers, Ribbon-Writers, Scorers, Runners for their club dual meets and for Championship meets.
Knowledgeable parents can serve as their Club Pool Chair or Swim Chair; or also on the FCSL Board, contact the FCSL Nominating Chair or President.
19.If I am sure the Referee made a mistake, what can I do?    [Topics]
  Do NOT approach the Referee. Do NOT argue with the Referee.
FCSL has a zero tolerance policy regarding accosting a Referee.
Afterwards, calmly ask your coach about the situation and the relevant rules.
20.Are FCSL Referees Paid?    [Topics]
  Yes, FCSL Referees are paid by the Home Club (Minimum fees are in FCSL Rules/Appendices or updated on the Officials contact lists, and/or the Home Page of the website.)
21.Can I officiate for my FCSL Club or Division?    [Topics]
Referees cannot officiate their own club team (whether Coach or Swimmer) nor any other dual meets in their own Division.
Each Referee must be careful to avoid any other semblance of conflict of interest when refereeing at FCSL meets.
22.Who chooses the Dual Meet Referee? CHANGED 2020 season!    [Topics]
  The FCSL Officials Certification Chair (with the Officials Advisory Comm) selects by contacting an available certified Swim Referee/Starter before each dual meet.

Clubs will be notified ASAP but at least one day prior to the meet. Schedule contact lists will be posted in Info Downloads when available.
23.How do I become a Dual Meet Scorer?    [Topics]
  Talk to your Club Swim Chair and start by helping an experienced Scorer.
Learn the FCSL Scoring Rules.
Make sure a copy of the FCSL Rule Book is on the scoring table for reference.
There must be at least one Scorer per team at each dual meet.
At many clubs the Swim Chair will also be the Scorer.
This applies to both manual scoring and Swimmingly iPad scoring
24.How does FCSL score Counties?    [Topics]
  County events score places 1 thru 16 (assuming an 8 lane pool), or places 1 thru 12 (if a 6 lane pool).
Awards are given to match the places.
Relays (one per team only) score double per same number of places.
IF Champs Comm or Board decides to swim 3 heats in a six lane pool, then places 1 thru 16 may be scored/awarded.
25.How does FCSL calculate ages?    [Topics]
  Age on June 15th each year applies for the whole season, (before and after June 15th).
Eligibility extends until end of same season in which he/she turns 18 yr-old, only if birthday is after June 15th.
26.Who gets DQ if swimmer jumps in pool during relays    [Topics]
  If swimmer is not from one of the relay teams in the relay-race then that swimmer is DQ from his/her next event.
If swimmer has no event left then DQ'd from his/her previous event.
Relay-teams are NOT DQ'd.

NOTE: See also Relay section Qu 15 & Qu 16 = 'DQ when Relay Swimmer jumps in pool during relay' and 'Relay team obstructed during race'
27.Can I wear a "tech suit"?    [Topics]
  Summer swimming is different from year round club swimming. Tech suits are not allowed at FCSL summer club swimming. (FCSL rule)
In FCSL, only traditional “brief” or jammer suits of any material for boys are permitted and only traditional “tank” style suits for girls covering the torso are permitted.

FCSL rule: https://www.fcsl.info/Appendix_XXIV_Suits2020.pdf

Water Polo

1.Who can be a Water Polo Referee?    [Topics]
  All WP Coaches, or past players (18+) with a strong WP background, are encouraged to train as WP Referees (contact the FCSL WP VP or WP Coaches Rep for info).
2.I am an FCSL Water Polo Coach - must I train as a Referee?    [Topics]
  Yes, all FCSL WP Head Coaches are required to train as WP Referees before the season starts at the Mandatory WP meeting.
(WP administrative rule passed by FCSL Board in 2011.)
3.How many Referees officiate each FCSL Water Polo game?    [Topics]
  One FCSL Referee may officiate at FCSL Midget or Junior level games.
Two FCSL Referees must officiate at FCSL Senior games.
4.I'm a FCSL WP parent - can I yell at or hector the Referee(s) or opposing team's players like the crowd at a hockey game?    [Topics]
  Absolutely NOT!
FCSL requires civil behavior from all players, spectators, officials & club staff appropriate to the private club location of the game.
In extreme situations, club security or even the police may be called to eject any spectator who is abusive or threatening to any player or Referee.
See also FCSL's Code of Conduct.
5.What do the Referee's hand & foot signals mean?    [Topics]
  Click the link "FCSL WP Referee's Officiating Signals" in Info Downloads for a full explanation for all the FCSL WP Referee Officiating Signals with accompanying graphics.
6.What or where is the Strike Zone?    [Topics]
  Generally considered the conical area starting at the five meter line, angled out from the goal post to about 2 meters wide of the goal posts at the five meter line.
(No formal definition.)
7.What does 'inside position' mean?    [Topics]
  An offensive (attacking) player has inside position if he/she is is closer to the goal than any defensive players with the exception of the goalkeeper.
8.What is a neutral throw?    [Topics]
  A neutral throw is a restart of play by the Referee throwing the ball to two players (one of each team) without favoring either side.
9.What does it mean if a player is 'majored'?    [Topics]
  A player has been 'majored' if he has incurred 3 kick-outs (exclusion fouls) during a game.
This must be noted on the FCSL score-sheet.
10.What is a kickout?    [Topics]
  A kickout is when a player has to leave the game for 20 seconds as a result of an exclusion foul, also known as a personal foul.
11.What does a yellow card mean?    [Topics]
  It means a player or coach has been officially cautioned for misconduct, but may continue participating in the game.
Two yellow cards in a game = a red card.
12.What does a red card mean?    [Topics]
  It means a player or coach has been excluded for misconduct, and is required to leave the playing area immediately and cannot return to the game.
13.What or where is the hole?    [Topics]
  The 'hole' is the position directly in front of the goal, closest to the 2 meter line.
Thus 'hole D' is the defensive player in that position, while 'hole set' is the offensive (attacking) player in that position, usually implying no player of the opposing team is nearer the goal.
14.Where can I find more Water Polo terminology definitions?    [Topics]
  Wikipedia has a long list arranged alphabetically at
15.Can a Swim Chair (WP Chair) agree to an ineligible Water Polo player participating?    [Topics]
An otherwise ineligible player may only play in an FCSL Water Polo game if an FCSL Eligibility Petition is approved by FCSL Board vote prior to the first game.
No unofficial players.
16.Can I play WP for a different club than where I swim?    [Topics]
  If your family belongs to two clubs you may swim or dive for one club but play WP for the other club.

Sometimes two small clubs (subject to Board permission) join their WP teams if neither club have enough players alone, to encourage WP participation.
17.Should WP players be registered in Swimmingly?    [Topics]
  Yes. Contact info is required for all athletes.
Note that all aquatics athletes registered in Swimmingly will initially be billed but any athletes who do NOT swim (eg just play water polo) will be credited back at the end of the season. So net $0 cost.

Counties Program Ads

1.How do I get an Ad in the Counties program?    [Topics]
  Contact data, deadlines & prices are usually listed on fcsl.info front page in mid-summer.
Each Club is charged for a b/w one-page Ad in the Yearly Club Dues but may purchase more or upgrade to color.
Individual families are encouraged to buy Ad's too.
2.In what format should my Ad be?    [Topics]
  Ad's can be in several popular (unlocked) file formats such as pdf or jpg that can be read on a PC.
Please email/call if unsure.
Apple users may need to use their own quality printer to mail/hand-deliver Ads.
3.What shape/size should my Ad be?    [Topics]
  Full page Ad should be 7 1/2" wide by 10" high.

Half-page Ad 7 1/2" wide by 5" high.

Quarter-page Ad 3 1/2" wide by 5" high

Measurements are excluding any margins.
4.How much does an Ad cost?    [Topics]
  Full page Ad: color $300, black/white $100;

Half-page Ad: black/white $50;

Quarter-page Ad: black/white $25. Check front page of website for more up-to-date costs and any Early Bird discounts.


1.Can a coach enter four 12 yr olds in the same relay?    [Topics]
At least one swimmer must be 10 or Under.
The four age categories for each FCSL relay team are 10 & Under, 12 & Under, 14 & Under, 17 & Under.
There must be a swimmer in each age category in each relay team.
Example: four 10 & Under swimmers can be entered in the same relay as that would mean they comply with one swimmer for each age category.
2.Can I swim on more than one relay team in the same event?    [Topics]
3.What is max # of relays that can be entered for Divisionals?    [Topics]
  Each Club may enter up to 3 relays (A, B, C) per event in Divisionals.
4.What is max # of relays that can advance to Counties?    [Topics]
  Only one Relay Team per club can advance to Counties in each relay event.
5.Can I swim on a relay team in both relay events at a dualmeet?    [Topics]
  Yes, if you have swum only one individual swim event, plus a diving event.
Yes, if you have swum only two individual swim events, and no diving event.
6.Can I change relay events at Counties after swimming a relay at Divisionals?    [Topics]
  If you were entered in 3 individual swim events, and swam a relay at Divisionals, you can NOT swim in the other relay event at Counties.
This applies even if you scratched an entered Divisional event.
If you were only entered in one or two individual events at Divisionals (ie did not enter nor swim max 4 events) you can swim both relay events at Counties.
7.Can I swim relay events at Counties even if I did not swim at Divisionals?    [Topics]
  Yes, providing you were formally entered in the Divisional meet entry.
The Counties relay team entry (ie the entry time) 'belongs' to the Club, not to the 4 swimmers who swam the qualifying time at Divisionals.
8.How likely is a Division 5 relay team to qualify to swim at Counties?    [Topics]
  Relays are limited to one per Club at Counties. (More are allowed at Divisionals).
There are currently 31 FCSL teams and so up to 31 relay teams are competing for one of the 16 places in a Counties Relay event.
9.How does FCSL score relay events in dual meets?    [Topics]
  Relays score 7 points for 1st place only.
10.How does FCSL score relays in Divisionals?    [Topics]
  Divisional relay events score double points, thru first 12 places with awards given to match.
[Same in Counties unless swum in an 8-lane pool. See Relay Qu 18]
11.Can B & C relay teams score in Divisionals?    [Topics]
  Yes, if they place first thru' 12th.
12.Do the four relay swimmers at Counties have to be the same four that swum at Divisionals?    [Topics]
  No! The qualifying slot at Counties belongs to the club not those four Divisional relay swimmers.
Any entered swimmer may swim on a relay team at Counties subject to the max number of events rule, if entered in Divisionals.
13.If I swam on the B relay team in Divisionals, can I swim on the relay team in the same event at Counties?    [Topics]
  Yes, providing your B relay team was not disqualified at Divisionals.
Same applies to you if you swam on the C team.
14.If I swam in one relay event in Divisionals, can I swim in the OTHER relay event at Counties?    [Topics]
  Only if you did NOT swim in the max number of events at Divisionals.
15.Who gets DQ if a RELAY-SWIMMER jumps in pool during relays?    [Topics]
  If a relay-swimmer jumps in the pool when it is not his/her turn to swim, but before all relay-teams have finished their races, his/her relay is DQ!
16.What happens if relay-team is obstructed during race by another swimmer jumping in?    [Topics]
  If a swimmer jumps in and interferes with a relay-team swimming in a race, that relay team should be offered another chance to swim their relay-race.
17.Who gets DQ if NON_RELAY swimmer jumps in pool during relays    [Topics]
  If a non-relay swimmer jumps in pool before all relay teams have finished then that swimmer is DQ from his/her NEXT event.
If swimmer has no event left to swim then DQ'd from his/her PREVIOUS event.
Relay-teams are NOT DQ'd (unless they caused the swimmer to jump in.)

NOTE: See also Swimming section Qu 26
18.How does FCSL score relays in Counties?    [Topics]
  Double points, same as for Divisionals if a 6 lane pool(see Relay Qu 10)

Unless in an 8 lane pool as follows:



1.A Diver has failed 2 dives in a dual meet, is there a penalty?    [Topics]
  The Diver is disqualified per USA Diving Rules which govern FCSL unless changed by the League.
2.Can a diver choose not to do one of the listed dives?    [Topics]
  Yes, in dual meets only:
USA Diving: Section E (2) - The diver may elect before-hand to not perform any one of his/her listed dives, such dive shall be scored 'zero' but there shall be no other penalty.
3.Can I dive and swim in a dual meet?    [Topics]
  Yes, but diving counts as one of the max 4 events in an FCSL dual meet.
Max events per athlete: two individual swim events and one relay and one diving event
OR three individual swim events plus a diving event.
(See also FCSL General Sports Rule Article II, Section I 4-event rule, para a.)
4.Can I dive and swim in Championships?    [Topics]
  Yes, Diving Championships are entered and scored separately from Swimming Championships.

Diving events are not counted in the Swimming Championship max events.
5.What & how many dives do 10/Unders do in a dual meet?    [Topics]
Front Jump,
One Required dive from a list of dives.
Three Optional dives
6.What & how many dives do 10/Unders do in Championships    [Topics]
One Required dive from a list of dives.
Three Optional dives
7.Should Divers be registered in Swimmingly?    [Topics]
  Yes. Contact info is required for all athletes.
This allows for proper scoring and application of the '4-event rule'.
Note that all aquatics athletes registered in Swimmingly will initially be billed but any athletes who do NOT swim (eg just play water polo) will be credited back at the end of the season. So net $0 cost.


1.Who is eligible to participate in FCSL?    [Topics]
  Children age 17 years or younger whose parents have a family membership in an FCSL Club.
2.If I have a Youth Club Membership, can I participate?    [Topics]
Children 17 or younger who have their own individual club membership are NOT eligible to participate in FCSL aquatic sports.
Children of adult Club members are eligible.
3.I am a lifeguard, can I swim, dive or play WP on my employer club team?    [Topics]
UNLESS your family have a paid membership at the club where you work and you are age 17 or less.
4.The Club where I work offers my children the use of club, can they join the aquatic teams?    [Topics]
  Yes for practice, but not officially in dual meets or games UNLESS your Swim Chair submits an Eligibility Petition on their behalf before the first dual meet.
If the FCSL Board votes to approve the Petition, your children can compete in dual meets, WP games and in Championships.
Otherwise, your Swim Chair can allow your children to compete unofficially in dual meets but not Championships.
5.My family belongs to a Town Pool but does not reside in that town, can I officially join their aquatic teams?    [Topics]
  No. This was a circumstance agreed by the facility when they were allowed to join FCSL.
This applies to swim/dive dual meets, water polo games and championships.
However the Club Swim Chair can approve unofficial participation in dual meets only.
If both clubs Swim Chairs agree, you can participate officially in dual meets and games but NOT in any Championships.
6.If not eligible , can I swim/dive unofficially?    [Topics]
  Your club Swim Chair can allow unofficial participation in swim/dive dual meets (not Water Polo games) but not in Championships.
If both clubs Swim Chairs agree, they can allow official participation in dual meets only.


1.Do Divers have to be registered in Swimmingly?    [Topics]
  Yes, divers should be registered in Swimmingly so that they can be properly scored in dual meets in the Swimmingly system. This also allows for proper application of the '4 event rule'
2.Will divers be charged in Swimmingly?    [Topics]
  All aquatics athletes registered in Swimmingly will initially be billed but any athletes who do NOT swim (eg just dive) will be credited back at the end of the season. So net $0 cost.
3.Will Water Polo players be charged in Swimmingly?    [Topics]
  All aquatics athletes registered in Swimmingly will initially be billed but any athletes who do NOT swim (eg just play water polo) will be credited back at the end of the season. So net $0 cost.
Still have a question? Email it to the appropriate person on the FCSL Board
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