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FCSL Division 2

Standings as of
Start of 2024 Season
Innis Arden00
Lake Club00
Roton Point00
Shore & CC00
Stamford YC00
Division 2 Co-ChairErica Jacoby
Division 2 Co-Chair

A message for Division 2:

CLUB COACHES and CHAIRS: PLEASE CHECK the division's meet schedule (below) matches your intended schedule.

Links to 2023 PDF versions of this info:
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Divn 1 - Divn 2 - Divn 3 - Divn 4 - Divn 5 - Divn 6
Highlight my club in tables :
Innis Arden     Lake Club     Roton Point     Shore & CC     Stamford YC     [None]
Division 2: 2024 Swim and Dive Meet Schedule and Results
Reported Scores: Dive, Swim, Total
Date, time or location changed from original schedule is indicated by *
Forfeit is indicated by #
DateVisiting ClubHome ClubStart times:
Tuesday 6/25Stamford YCLake Club9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/2Shore & CCInnis Arden9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/9Innis ArdenLake Club9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/9Stamford YCRoton Point9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/16Innis ArdenStamford YC3:00 / 5:00
Tuesday 7/16Roton PointShore & CC9:00 / 11:00
Monday 7/22Lake ClubRoton Point9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/23Shore & CCStamford YC3:00 / 5:00
Tuesday 7/30Roton PointInnis Arden9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/30Lake ClubShore & CC9:00 / 11:00


2024 Championship Meets
Saturday, 6/1NOTE CAREFULLY:
PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER as updated info becomes available,
Tuesday, 6/18DIVING Coaches and Referee/Judges Training Meeting
Date & Time TBA at (possibly) New Canaan Field Club.
ALL Club DIVE COACHES & ALL DIVE REFEREES must attend. Possible $100 fine for Coach/Referee no-shows.
MANDATORY: ALL Club DIVE CHAIRS should attend (if not at Kick-off Dinner), all welcome.

Dual meet Dive Referees will be appointed by the League in advance of dual meets.
Email any questions or specific requests to Joe Somma at whirlwinddiving@gmail.com prior to this meeting.
Wednesday, 6/19FCSL SWIM REFEREES TRAINING Two locations: GCC & NCFC (different dates)
Date, Time, TBA
Anyone planning on becoming a Swim Referee MUST contact Officials Chair, Rick Lewis
Referee Rules TEST will be covered!
Meeting will include Swimmingly as it pertains to Referees/Officials.
Review USAS & FCSL rules & meet conduct.

QUESTIONS: Contact FCSL Officials Chair, Rick Lewis, lewisshark@aol.com
NOTE: Neutral Swim Referees for FCSL dual meets will be assigned by Rick Lewis, FCSL Officials Chair.
Friday, 6/21Rosters: All clubs need to submit team rosters by Friday, June 21st at 6:00pm
(All Club Team Rosters DUE
before first dual meet/game if earlier)
Via *Swimmingly app input
Submit *Team Manager or *TeamUnify compatible Roster file before athlete participation.
* Include ALL eligible swim/dive/water polo athletes before first participation in any dual meet or in any WP game.
Minimum Roster info Required : name, gender, date of birth

Any changes or updates to rosters must be made prior to each meet or game as
necessary. Submit via Swimmingly or by submitting a HyTek Team Manager, or
TeamUnify, Roster file to: https://forms.gle/TXSGrxbtFWqPrYzVA
All Championship SHEETS should be emailed before now to Joe Somma, whirlwinddiving@aol.com
with club name, diver name, and dive numbers. Absolutely NO late entries!!!
Wednesday, 7/2414u/17u FCSL Diving Championships at Shorehaven Golf Club
Warm-ups will start at 7:30 AM
Thursday, 7/2510u FCSL Diving Championships at New Canaan Field Club
Warm-ups will start at 7:30 AM
Mandatory Diving Coaches Meeting to follow the competition.
Meeting Discussion: 2024 season, 2024 award nominations, 2025 season, any rule change requests?
If you have any ideas/changes for next year, this is the best time to discuss.
A coach is REQUIRED to attend meeting from each club.
FCSL Rules state meeting NO Shows will be fined!
Questions: contact Diving VP Lisa Frangione or Diving Coaches Rep, Joe Somma
Friday, 7/2612u FCSL Diving Championships at The Lake Club
Warm-ups will start at 7:30 AM
Saturday, 7/27ALL SWIM Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ENTRIES DEADLINE.
All Swim Championships Entries due : Date TBA

thru' Swimmingly input OR by compatible file emailed to entries@fcsl.info.
NOTE: Any non-conforming entry times (Yds) MUST be converted to SCM before submitting entry.

Entry 'How-To' Instructions are posted in Downloads Rules:,
look for following under APPENDICES heading:
XX - Divisionals- Email Entry:Hy-Tek Upd2021 OR
XXs - ..........: Swimmingly Entry 2021

Hy-Tek Meet Event files available to use in Team Mgr after updating to 2023: look under SWIMMING heading for
All Divisional Team Mgr Event zip files 2019
*NB: Change course to S to convert YDS times to SCM times

NOTE: All dual meet results should be input on FCSL web site within 24 hours of meet ending, using Club Login
Wednesday, 7/31 ???Possible??? DIVING RAINDATE for DIVING Championships
Thursday, 8/1County Program Ads - Last Date for Early Bird Pricing!
See more details in Ad Pricing Flyers: (when avaailable)
Flyer for families/vendors/outside clubs - Flyer for FCSL Club Ad
SEND Ad FILE TO FCSL programads@gmail.com/b>, CHECK made out to FCSL
Each Club has prepaid for one b/w ad in club dues
Questions to Pam Sweitzer, fcslprogramads@gmail.com
Monday, 8/5LAST DATE TBA to SUBMIT Champ's (Counties) Program ADS !
Counties Program will be printed.
AD submission can NOT wait until after the Counties Seed Meeting (printer deadline)
All Word or PDF files must be received by Aug 1
See more details in Ad Pricing Flyers:
Flyer for families/vendors/outside clubs ads --- Flyer for FCSL Club Ad *

SEND FILE TO FCSL programads@gmail.com/b>, CHECK made out to FCSL
* Each Club has prepaid for one b/w ad in club dues
Questions to Pam Sweitzer, fcslprogramads@gmail.com
Tuesday, 8/6DIVISION 3 & 6 Swim Championships, at Burning Tree Country Club
Date & Times all TBA
DIVISIONS scored separately but swum combined
Wednesday, 8/7DIVISION 1 Swim Championships, at Greenwich Water Club
Date & Times all TBA
Friday, 8/9 FCSL County Swim Champs - 2024 County Scratch & Seed Meeting: Date /Time TBA
Possible NEW FORMAT = ZOOM Meeting Mandatory attendance for head swim coaches.
Coaches: please CHECK BEFORE this MTG with families that all swimmers who may qualify after Divisionals are available for Counties!


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