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All Rules Files to Download

NOTE: See also Info Downloads section.
especially for Swimmingly Tips
This area continues to undergo updating & changes.

FCSL Rule Book
1 Key Dates & Divisions 2023
2 Board Contacts 2023
3 Club Contact Info Note
4 Directions to Clubs
5 General Sports Rules (apply to swim,dive,& water polo)
6 Swimming Rules
7 Diving Rules upd 6/27/2023
8 Water Polo Rules 2023
9 All Appendices I thru XXVI 2020 (See also *)
10 ByLaws
USA Swimming Rules 2023 (minibook)
FCSL Safety Rules - Teaching Racing Starts (in FCSL Swimming Rules as Article VI)
FCSL Teaching Racing Starts Checklist
2022 FCSL Swimming Rules Changes/Update
USA Diving Rules 2019
USA Diving Rules 2023
USA Diving Rules Changes 2024
Unofficial Divers 'Score'-Sheet
2022 Diving Rules Changes/Updates
Water Polo
USA Water Polo Rules 2020
New FINA WP Rules 2020
New FINA Rules - USAWP Implementation 2020
New USAWP Rules Implementation 2019
USAWP Clarification - Penalty Fouls & Shots
USAWP Clarification - FINA 21.8 Perimeter/ Pressing
USAWP/FINA 2013-1017 Rules
2013-17 USAWP New Rules Points of Interest
2013-17 USAWP Rules Change Summary
1985-2019 FCSL WP Champs & Runner-ups
New USAWP Rules 2020 (google drive)
Appendices I thru XXVI *
I - FCSL Records as of Aug 8 2023
III - All Championship Teams thru 2023
IV,V - Club Membership & Application Info
VI - Swim Meet Warmup Procedures
VII - One Club - Two Teams Rules
VIII,IX - Supplies List + Dual Results
X-XIV - Award Recipients thru 2023
Scoresheets also in Info Downloads, General
XV - Dual Meet Scoresheets (swim/dive, 7 pages)
(XV)-Dual Meet Score Page for Swimmingly Meets
(XV)- Unofficial Swims_Heats 'Score'-Sheet
XVI - Diving Individual Scoresheet
VII - Water Polo Dual Games Scoresheet up'd 2017
XVIII - Code of Conduct
(XVIII)- Code of Conduct (laminate version)
XIX - Dual Meet Events Order (Swim&Dive)
XX - Divisionals- Email HyTek Entry:Hy-Tek Upd2021
XXs - ..........: Swimmingly Entry 2021
XXI - Diving Degrees of Difficulty FINA 2017-2021
XXII - Referee Rec'd Min Payments
XXIII - Racing Starts Safety
XXIV - Swimsuits Ruling
XXVI - Weather Protocol
Covid WAIVER if required before particpation
Pandemic Bylaws/Rules Changes applied2020/21
Synchronized Swimming
None yet
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