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Other Info FCSL Files to Download

NOTE: See also Rules Downloads section.
NB Scoresheets in Rules Downloads, Appendices.
This area continues to undergo updating & changes.

Tips & Reminders, Blueprint... see under Swimmingly
TIPS for manual swim Scoring_1 page
FCSL Teaching Racing Starts Checklist
FCSL Water Depth, Racing Starts, Swimsuits Rules
Unofficial Swims_Heats 'Score'-Sheet
HyTek Team Manager Training
All Divisional Team Mgr Event zip files 2019
Backup Watch-Times sheet
2022 Swimming Rules Updates
2023 Swimming Referee Contact List
2023 Dual Meets:Dive/Swim Referees
TIPS for diving scoring_1 page
Unofficial Divers 'Score'-Sheet
Nomination Form - Clark Falkenstein Award
Nomination Form - John Hahnfeldt Award
FCSL Diving Referee Notes & Checklist
FCSL Experienced Diving Coaches 2012
FCSL County Diving Champs Timelines 2019
FCSL Diving Referees list 2019
2020 FCSL Virtual Diving Relay Challenge
2022 Diving Rules Updates
2023 Dual Meets: Dive Referees Assigned WK1
2023 Dual Meets: Dive Referees Assigned Wk2
2023 Dual Meets 1,2,3: Dive Ref's Wk1,2,3
Water Polo
FCSL Water Polo Fact Sheet for Families
To ALL WP Chairs & Coaches
FCSL WP Referee's Officiating Signals
FCSL WP Scoresheet Updated 062217
WP Report at Kickoff Mtg 2018
Highlights of WP Mtg June 15 2021
2022 Water Polo Rules Updates
2023 Water Polo Referees
FCSL Code of Conduct (laminate version)
FCSL Manual Score-Sheets (swim/dive) Revised
FCSL Scoresheets for Unofficial Swims & Divers
(Manual) Scoring Tips for Coaches
All (Manual) Scoring Tips - Swim, Dive, Coaches
Website Usage fcsl.info - Club login/reporting
Jun 2023 Swim Coach Proxy form
Jun 2023 Swim Chair Proxy form
Jun 2023 Kickoff Invite
May 2023 Update to Clubs
Swim Across America FLYER 2023
Swim Across America LETTER
Appendix XXII - Referee Payments Updates
Counties 2023 Program Club Ad Pricing
Counties 2023 Program Ad (Club Color Upgr & All Others)
Best Info & Training for Swimmingly
Scorekeeper & Timing System Training Recording 6/5/2021
Clubhouse Training Recording 6/5/2021
New Dual Meet Score Page for Swimmingly Meets
Mercy Rule Setup short movie (No Points Sweep)
Swimmingly Help Guide
Swimmingly: Device Compatibility
Swimmingly Rationale
Tips & Reminders for Meet Success 6/27/21
__Minimum Volunteers Req'd
__Parent/Swimmer Signup & Numbering
__Coaches Instructions
__Timer Instructions
__Referee Instructions
__Scorekeeper Instructions
__Ribbons Instructions
__Dive Scorekeeper Instructions
__Water Polo Instructions
__Covid Precautions/Recommendations
__How-To Do Divisional Entries upd2023
__More Features Added: May 2022
None yet
Past Results [click here]
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