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FCSL Division 1

Standings as of
Start of 2024 Season
Greenwich Water C00
Rocky Point00
Division 1 Co-ChairErica Ozanne
Division 1 Co-ChairGillian Geiger
A message for Division 1:

CLUB COACHES and CHAIRS: PLEASE CHECK the division's meet schedule (below) matches your intended schedule.

Links to 2023 PDF versions of this info:
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Divn 1 - Divn 2 - Divn 3 - Divn 4 - Divn 5 - Divn 6
Highlight my club in tables :
Greenwich Water C     Middlesex     Newfield     Rocky Point     Roxbury     Waveny     [None]
Division 1: 2024 Swim and Dive Meet Schedule and Results
Reported Scores: Dive, Swim, Total
Date, time or location changed from original schedule is indicated by *
Forfeit is indicated by #
DateVisiting ClubHome ClubStart times:
Wednesday 6/26Rocky PointWaveny9:00 / 11:00
Thursday 6/27Greenwich Water CNewfield8:00 / 10:00
Thursday 6/27MiddlesexRoxbury9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/2Rocky PointMiddlesex9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/2RoxburyNewfield9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/2WavenyGreenwich Water C3:00 / 5:00
Tuesday 7/9Greenwich Water CRoxbury9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/9MiddlesexWaveny9:00 / 11:00
Wednesday 7/10NewfieldRocky Point10:00 / 12:00
Tuesday 7/16NewfieldMiddlesex9:00 / 11:00
Wednesday 7/17Greenwich Water CRocky Point10:00 / 12:30
Wednesday 7/17RoxburyWaveny9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/23MiddlesexGreenwich Water C3:00 / 5:00
Tuesday 7/23WavenyNewfield9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/30Rocky PointRoxbury9:00 / 11:00


2024 Championship Meets
Saturday, 6/1NOTE CAREFULLY:
PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER as updated info becomes available,
All Championship SHEETS should be emailed before now to Joe Somma, whirlwinddiving@aol.com
with club name, diver name, and dive numbers. Absolutely NO late entries!!!
Friday, 7/26ALL SWIM Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ENTRIES DEADLINE.
All Swim Championships Entries due : Date TBA

thru' Swimmingly input OR by compatible file emailed to entries@fcsl.info.
NOTE: Any non-conforming entry times (Yds) MUST be converted to SCM before submitting entry.

Entry 'How-To' Instructions are posted in Downloads Rules:,
look for following under APPENDICES heading:
XX - Divisionals- Email Entry:Hy-Tek Upd2021 OR
XXs - ..........: Swimmingly Entry 2021

Hy-Tek Meet Event files available to use in Team Mgr after updating to 2023: look under SWIMMING heading for
All Divisional Team Mgr Event zip files 2019
*NB: Change course to S to convert YDS times to SCM times

NOTE: All dual meet results should be input on FCSL web site within 24 hours of meet ending, using Club Login
Friday, 7/26Date & Times, TBA !
14/U & 17/U 1M & 3M DIVING Championships, at TBA
Saturday, 7/27Championship Diving Meeting After 10/U Counties at Loaction: TBA:
Final Dive Coaches Meeting following diving events
Meeting Discussion: 2024 season, 2024 award nominations, 2025 season, any rule change requests?
If you have any ideas/changes for next year, this is the best time to discuss.
A coach is REQUIRED to attend meeting from each club.
FCSL Rules state meeting NO Shows will be fined!
Questions: contact Diving VP Lisa Frangione or Diving Coaches Rep, Joe Somma
Saturday, 7/27County Program Ads - Last Date for Early Bird Pricing!
See more details in Ad Pricing Flyers: (when avaailable)
Flyer for families/vendors/outside clubs - Flyer for FCSL Club Ad
SEND Ad FILE TO FCSL programads@gmail.com/b>, CHECK made out to FCSL
Each Club has prepaid for one b/w ad in club dues
Questions to Pam Sweitzer, fcslprogramads@gmail.com
Saturday, 7/27Date & Times, TBA !
10/Under 1 Meter DIVING Championships, at TBA
Sunday, 7/28Date & Times TBA !
12/Under 1M & 3M DIVING Championships, at Location TBA
Monday, 7/29 Possible DIVING RAINDATE for DIVING Championships
Thursday, 8/1LAST DATE TBA to SUBMIT Champ's (Counties) Program ADS !
Counties Program will be printed.
AD submission can NOT wait until after the Counties Seed Meeting (printer deadline)
All Word or PDF files must be received by Aug 1
See more details in Ad Pricing Flyers:
Flyer for families/vendors/outside clubs ads --- Flyer for FCSL Club Ad *

SEND FILE TO FCSL programads@gmail.com/b>, CHECK made out to FCSL
* Each Club has prepaid for one b/w ad in club dues
Questions to Pam Sweitzer, fcslprogramads@gmail.com
Monday, 8/5DIVISION 1 Swim Championships, tentatively at Greenwich Water Club
Date & Times all TBA
DIVISION 2 Swim Championships, at Location TBA
Date & Times ALL TBA
Tuesday, 8/6Two Divisions Swim Championships, at Location TBA
Date & Times all TBA
DIVISIONS scored separately but swum combined
Possible grouping:
DIVISION 3 & 6 Swim Championships,at Location TBA
DIVISION 4 & 5 Swim Championships,at Location TBA
Wednesday, 8/7 FCSL County Swim Champs - 2024 County Scratch & Seed Meeting: Date /Time TBA
Possible NEW FORMAT = ZOOM Meeting Mandatory attendance for head swim coaches.
Coaches: please CHECK BEFORE this MTG with families that all swimmers who may qualify after Divisionals are available for Counties!

Date, Times TBA
...2025 Scheduling mtg Swim/Dive (Swim Coaches)
...2025 Scheduling mtg Water Polo (WP Coaches or Aqua./Swim Chairs)
... Lunch for Board, Chairs & Coaches
... Meeting and 2024 Awards

Two attendees included, paid in Club Dues. Additional attendees are approx $50 each.
Attendance by at least one Swim Coach and one Swim Chair per club is required.
Invite & Proxy infoforms will be circulated in future.
Only the "Swim Chair" and the "Swim Coach" need to complete a Proxy form for non-attendance.
Advance REGISTRATION required - check Invite for reg'n info and for proxy forms.
Saturday, 8/10FCSL Swim Championships 'COUNTIES' 2024 at Location TBA
Date & Times all TBA
Counties Volunteer Assignment Letter will be posted after Divisionals.
The Volunteer Assignments by club for Counties are very important so the meet can run smoothly.
Live Video (with commentary) expected to be available


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