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FCSL Division 5

Standings as of
Wednesday July 27, 2022 12:46 pm
Shorehaven Golf31
Belle Haven13
Division 5 Co-ChairKristina Michaels
Division 5 Co-ChairFernanda Rocha
A message for Division 5:

Club Swim Chairs of both involved clubs should notify FCSL webmaster@fcsl.info to update the Meet Schedule, after both clubs' Swim Chairs liaise/agree on the new date(s)
Highlight my club :    Aspetuck     Belle Haven     Patterson     Shorehaven Golf     Weston     [None]
Division 5: 2022 Swim and Dive Meet Schedule and Results
Reported Scores: Dive, Swim, Total
Date, time or location changed from original schedule may be indicated by *
Forfeit may be indicated by #
DateVisiting ClubHome ClubStart times:
Tuesday 7/5Aspetuck     5, 193, 198 Belle Haven     8, 189, 197 9:00 / 10:30
Thursday 7/7Belle Haven     0, 89, 89 Weston     18, 307, 325 9:00 / 10:30
Thursday 7/7Shorehaven Golf     40, 249, 289 Patterson     6, 84, 90 3:00 / 4:30
Tuesday 7/12Weston     39, 316, 355 Aspetuck     8, 175, 183 3:00 / 4:30
Thursday 7/14Patterson     10, 119, 129 Weston     18, 287, 305 3:00 / 4:00
Thursday 7/14Shorehaven Golf     40, 197, 237 Belle Haven     2, 192, 194 9:00 / 10:30
Tuesday 7/19Patterson     10, 142, 152 Aspetuck     4, 245, 249 3:00 / 4:00
Tuesday 7/19Weston     21, 285, 306 Shorehaven Golf     38, 131, 169 3:00 / 4:30
Monday 7/25Belle Haven     16, 240, 256 Patterson     6, 111, 117 3:00 / 4:00
Tuesday 7/26Aspetuck     1, 198, 199 Shorehaven Golf     52, 195, 247 3:00 / 4:30


2022 Championship Meets
Any dates, locations or times shown may be TENTATIVE!
PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER in case of updated info

Thursday, 6/9IMPORTANT
Annual League KICKOFF Meeting at Country Club of Darien
NEW: Meeting HANDOUTS (including agenda) are on front page of fcsl.info Please read over before the meeting.
Advance Kickoff REGISTRATION Required - click Google link

View Invite for Registration info.
Two attendees included in Club Dues, additional attendees $50 each.
Appropriate Club attire Required - NO denim, T-shirts, flip-flops!
Thursday, 6/9Kickoff continued:

5:45pm Check-in 6:00pm Mandatory Swim Chair Meeting
5:45pm Check-in 6:00pm Mandatory Swim Coaches Meeting
6:15pm General Check-in 6:45pm Kickoff League Meeting & Dinner

Attendance by at least one Swim Coach and Swim Chair per club is MANDATORY.
Send completed Swim Chair Proxy OR Swim Coach Proxy if truly cannot attend.
Greenwich Country Club - Time 6 PM
Anyone planning on becoming a Swim Referee MUST contact Officials Chair, Rick Lewis ASAP
New: Referee Rules TEST to be completed PRIOR to meeting!
Meeting will include Swimmingly as it pertains to Referees/Officials.
Review USAS & FCSL rules & meet conduct.

QUESTIONS: Contact FCSL Officials Chair, Rick Lewis, lewisshark@aol.com

NOTE: Neutral Swim Referees for FCSL dual meets will be assigned by Rick, FCSL Officials Chair.
Monday, 6/20DIVING Coaches and Referee/Judges Training Meeting at New Canaan Field Club Time 6:00PM
ALL Club DIVE COACHES & ALL DIVE REFEREES must attend. Possible $100 fine for Coach/ Referee no-shows.
MANDATORY: ALL Club DIVE CHAIRS should attend (if not at Kick-off Dinner), all welcome.

Dual meet Dive Referees will be appointed by the League in advance of dual meets.
Email any questions or specific requests to Joe Somma at whirlwinddiving@gmail.com prior to this meeting.

(County sheets DUE JULY 22, 5:00 PM)
Tuesday, 6/21WATER POLO Coaches Meeting/Referees Training
Time 7PM, at Burning Tree Country Club
MANDATORY for Water Polo Coaches & WP Referees, and WP Chairs (unless at Kickoff meeting)
Remember updated USAWP competitive rule changes were applied to games(2020/1), with some specific FCSL changes.
Referees will be appointed by WP Coaches Rep Paul Ramaley.
All questions to FCSL WP VP Jim Lewis and/or FCSL WP Coaches Rep. Paul Ramaley
Friday, 6/24Club Team Rosters DUE by 6/24! Via Swimmingly
Submit Team Manager/TeamUnify Roster file to link: https://forms.gle/uFwQ4HxyAw9chtba7 before athletes participation.

Include ALL eligible swim/dive/water polo athletes before first participation in any dual meet or in any WP game.
Minimum info Required : name, gender, date of birth, phone # and email address is.
Friday, 7/22FCSL DIVING CHAMPIONSHIP Sheets are due by 5 PM
All Championship SHEETS should be EMAILED BEFORE this time to whirlwinddiving@aol.com
with club name, diver name, and dive numbers. Absolutely NO late entries!!!
Sunday, 7/24ALL Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 SWIM Championships ENTRIES due by 6 PM by email to entries@fcsl.info.
NOTE: Any non-conforming entry times (Yds) MUST be converted to SCM before submitting entry.

Entry 'How-To' Instructions are posted in Downloads Rules:, look for following under APPENDICES heading:
XX - Divisionals- Email Entry:Hy-Tek Upd2021
XXs - ..........: Swimmingly Entry 2021

Hy-Tek Meet Event files for you to use in Team Mgr (after updating to 2022): look under SWIMMING heading for
All Divisional Team Mgr Event zip files 2019
*NB: Change course to S to convert YDS times to SCM times

All dual meet results should be input on FCSL web site within 24 hours of meet using Club Login
Monday, 7/25Warmup Times for all Diving Counties start 7:30 AM. A timeline will be set for the Championships at July 25, 5 PM, sent to all coaches and will be posted on website.
Wednesday, 7/2714/U and 17/U DIVING Championships, 7:30 AM at Shorehaven Golf Club
14 U girls 1 Meter / 14 U boys 3 Meter
14 U Girls 3 Meter / 14 U Boys 1 Meter
17 U Girls 1 Meter / 17 U Boys 3 Meter
17 U Girls 3 Meter / 17 U Boys 1 Meter

14U girls on 1M, 14 boys on 3M - warm up at 7:30 AM with an 8:30 AM start time.
17U's do not need to be there this early as will compete after both 1 & 3 meter is completed by the 14 U (after 10:30 but more accurate timeline as soon as poss.)
Diving Time Lines also linked on Front page.
Thursday, 7/2810/U DIVING CHAMPIONSHIP, 7:30 AM at New Canaan Field Club,
10 U Girls 1 Meter - - 10 U Boys 1 Meter
Girls will warm up at 7:30 AM for a 9:00 AM start
Boys will follow around 10:00 AM
Diving Time Lines also linked on Front page
Championship Diving Meeting after 10/U Counties
Final coaches meeting follows 10 U events @NCFC
Meeting Discussion: 2022 season, 2022 award nominations, 2023 season, any rule change requests.
If you have any ideas/changes for next year, this is the best time to discuss.
A coach is REQUIRED to attend from each club.
FCSL Rules state meeting NO Shows will be fined!
Questions: contact Diving VP Tammy Penman or Diving Coaches Rep, Joe Somma
Friday, 7/2912/U DIVING Championships, 7: 30AM at The Lake Club,
12 U Girls 1 Meter / 12 U Boys 3 Meter
12 U Girls 3 Meter / 12 U Boys 1 Meter
- Girls on 1M - - Boys on 3M
Diving Time Lines also linked on Front page
Monday, 8/1Division 5 & 6 Swim Championships, at Bailiwick Club
Warm-ups: 8 am, Races start 9 am
Spectators OK
Divisions seeded & swum together but scored separately.
Tuesday, 8/2Division 1 Swim Championships, at Middlesex Club
Warm-ups: 7:30 am Races start 9 am
Spectators OK
Tuesday, 8/2Division 2 Swim Championships, at Greenwich Water Club
Warm-ups: 7:30 am, Races start 9 am
Spectators OK
Tuesday, 8/2Division 3 & 4 Swim Championships, at Burning Tree Country Club
Warm-ups: 8 am, Races start 9 am
Spectators OK
Divisions seeded & swum together but scored separately.
Tuesday, 8/2Last date for Championship (Counties) Program ADS !
Cannot wait until after the Counties Seed Meeting (printer deadline)
Word, Power Point or PDF files must be received by 2 PM Aug 2
Please send file to ads@fcsl.info, check made out to FCSL to TBD
Questions to ads@fcsl.info
Tuesday, 8/2Water Polo Championship Tournament
Division 1 Juniors at Milbrook Club
Note: Car Pooling recommended
Games: start at 3:30 pm Do NOT arrive before 3pm for 3:30 pm game
See Updated Water Polo Champs Schedule8/1/22 as of 8/1/22
Wednesday, 8/3FCSL Meetings - at Greenwich YMCA, 50 East Putnam Avenue (Post Rd), Greenwich
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM: 2023 Dual Meet Scheduling Meeting - Swim Coaches*
11:15 AM - 12:00 noon: 2023 Water Polo Scheduling Meeting - WP Coaches*
Head Coaches must attend, & should check with their clubs for any possible 2023 conflicts. (*Chairs welcome to also attend but every club must participate!)
12:00 noon - 1:00 PM: County Swim Champs 2022 Scratch & Seed Meeting (Counties)

Coaches please check with your swimmers re your swimmers Counties availability before this meeting!
Friday, 8/5Annual League Meeting, at Greenwich Country Club, Doubling Road, Greenwich
check-in 6:30 PM Mexican Buffet Dinner 7 PM - 8 PM, Speeches & Awards
Two attendees included, paid in Club Dues. Additional attendees are $50 each.
Attendance by at least one Swim Coach and Swim Chair per club is required.
DRESS CODE: collared shirt (tucked in), slacks, closed toed shoes for men.
NO denim jeans. No hats.
NO voice cell phone usage!
Invite & Proxy info will be circulated by email, forms linked here in future.
Only the "Swim Chair" and the "Swim Coach" need to complete a Proxy form for non-attendance.
Advance REGISTRATION required - check Invite for reg'n info and for proxy forms.
Saturday, 8/6Swim COUNTIES 2022 at Roxbury Swim & Tennis Club

Limit 1 spectator per family!
Wristbands will be given out at Annual League Dinner by club.
Live Video will be available so other spectators can watch at home.

Please read the Counties Volunteer Assignment Letter carefully.
The Volunteer Assignments by club for Counties are very important so the meet can run smoothly.

See also the
Club Volunteer Assignment Schedule.


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