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Swim/Dive & Water Polo Schedules

The Swim/Dive dual meet 2024 schedules are posted as are Water Polo games.
Site updates are ongoing, including several dual meets rearranged to avoid clash with Diving Champs in July.

Questions? Email webmaster@fcsl.info

Counties & Divisionals Over for 2023 : Results

Counties is Over for 2023!
FCSL President, Dana Charette's letter sends Congrats to Rocky Point, overall team winner once again, with 1,234.50 points, see All Team Scores
All result times are listed in the linked FCSL Counties 2023 Results pdf printout

An importable results file posted in Past Results can be used by coaches in their team data program (eg Hy-Tek, TeamUnify)

Newcombe High Point Award Winner, Aiden Bucaria, of Greenwich Water Club won the 17/under 100 Free with a new record time of 51.66
Seven swimmers won all their events across all age groups.
The tie for High Point was broken by Aiden's record breaking.

Swim Divisionals completed:
Records Broken at Divisionals:
Congrats to Annabelle Hayes,
of Silver Spring in Divn 6 swam 16.28 breaking Gretchen Walsh 8/under 25 Fly record of 16.56 !
She also broke Vanessa Delev's 2022 record of 18.08 in 8/under 25 Back in 17.68!

Results, Monday July 31, 2023:
Division 1 .... Division 3 .... Division 6
Team Scores:
Division 1 .... Division 3 .... Division 6
Results, Tuesday August 1, 2023:
Division 2 .... Division 4 .... Division 5
Team Scores:
Division 2 .... Division 4 .... Division 5

Water Polo Championship Tournament Results

FCSL Water Polo Divisional Championships Results including All Tournament Team.

2023 Winners of the WP Most Oustanding Award (for Coach or Athlete) are Emma Gustafsson of Rocky Point, and Justin Lewis of The Lake Club

Water Polo Champs Tournaments Results (updated 8/6/23: typos) for all three divisions Minis & Juniors, Seniors, including All Tournament Teams.

FCSL County Diving Championships

14/under, 17/under, 10/under(1M only) Diving Champs Results
for both 1 M & 3 M are in linked pdfs:
Boys 17U ... Girls 17U
Boys 14U ... Girls 14U
Boys 12U ... Girls 12U
Boys 10U ... Girls 10U
Total Team Scores

Any questions please reach out to Joe Somma (whirlwinddiving@aol.com)

Qualifying for Counties at Wilton YMCA

As decided in past, when hosting FCSL Counties at Wilton YMCA:

FCSL Scoring/Qualifying Rules for 8 lane pool will apply (16 places score) but 3 heats of 6 swimmers in each event may swim (18 swimmers*)

*Instead of two empty lanes, two extra swimmers per event get opportunity to swim in Counties.

3 swimmers per team per event may qualify by time (after scratches)

As usual, one Relay per team per relay event may qualify for Counties.

** July 27, 2023 Info ** from FCSL President

Letter from Dana Charette FCSL President regarding Dates and Information Updates, Early Bird Ads ending, Scratches, Annual League Meeting & more.

Annual Aug Meeting Invite
Proxy for Swim Chair
unable to attend.
Proxy for Head Swim Coach unable to attend

* Flyer for families/vendors/outside clubs --- * Flyer for FCSL Club Ad

Email Ads to Pam Sweitzer, fcslprogramads@gmail.com

** July 3 2023 Info ** from FCSL President

See email from Dana Charette, FCSL President:
About County Program Ad Flyers*,
New Instagram page @FairfieldCountySwimLeague, and
Divisional Zoom Mtg July 17 8pm (for Divisional Chairs & Champs Committee now posted in FCSL Key Dates)

* Flyer for families/vendors/outside clubs --- * Flyer for FCSL Club Ad

Email Ads to Pam Sweitzer, fcslprogramads@gmail.com

IMPORTANT - Mercy Rule in Swimmingly

When using Swimmingly, make sure the Mercy Rule is set correctly - watch very short video! to find out how.

Mercy Rule means max 2 swimmers per club score in an event, next swimmer (if any) on other team gets 3rd place point.
No team may score 3 places in an event.

This Rule is NOT preset in Swimmingly unless you set in a specific way.
If you have problem setting it up, make third place swimmer (for team also placing 1st & 2nd) UNofficial/Exhibition so points scored will be correct.

** June 13 2023 Info ** from FCSL President

Check out info in attached Info pdf re: Rosters, Timing Systems, Upcoming Coaches/Chair Meetings including compulsory Referee training.

2023 Eligibility Petitions so far

Eligibility Petitions approved by FCSL Board vote for the following athletes:
GCC - T.& M. Gruss, C.& C. Armstrong
GWC - N. Warburton & M. Wieneke Jr,
INAR - S. & S. Maldonado, K. Sullivan
NEWF - D. Pellow, ... ROTP - Kr. & Ky Flores
ROCK - K.& L. Byxbee, M. Secko Thompson
ROX - G. & T. Iordache, ... RYC - A. Larson
STAN - X. Wolfgruber, M.& J. D'Ambrosio,
WAV - M. & C. McGuinness (Clinkenbeard)

Eligibility Petition approval must be received well before participating officially in a swim/dive meet, or in a WP game.

Plan your Swim Across America for 2023

SAA Details in letter from Deb Ehret, FCSL Past Pres./SAA Liaison

Check out new 2023 Swim Across America Flyer (pdf)

Check out Swim Across America page (menu item in yellow box)

** May 2023 Info ** from FCSL President

Important Information: Key Dates, Rosters, Timers & pads, and more!
Read it all HERE in the President's May Info Letter.

Swim Coach Proxy -- Swim Chair Proxy
Links to these two Kickoff Proxy forms also on the Info Downloads page

Recommended Minimum FCSL Referee Fees

See current Appendix XXII - Referee Rec' Min Fees AND as noted below:

DIVE Referee at dual meets $100

SWIM Referee at dual meets $175 IF NO exhibition nor unofficial heats in meet. $200 IF exhibition/unofficial heats are run.
These fees are the latest updates superseding any in older pdf's in Rules Downloads.

WATER POLO Fees for Referees are listed in WP Mtg Highlights document:
$60 for 1 game, $100 for 2 games and $140 for 3 games.
Total $200 (including 2nd official for Sr game) for three dual WP games.

NOTE to Clubs: write Referee payment check ahead so Referee is PAID AT meet. Unacceptable to make Referee wait weeks for payment.
***Each club pays half of total for all games***

KICKOFF League Dinner Meeting - June 8th 2023

Location: Country Club of Darien, 300 Mansfield Ave.
See Invite for more details (incl dress code & meeting times) RSVP link also in Invite.
If Swim Chair/Swim Coach can't attend? Make sure you fill out the correct Proxy form for your Swim Chair Proxy / Swim Coach Proxy, for Proxy to hand in at Check-in.

Swim Chair & Head Swim Coach Check in: 5:45 pm
Mandatory Swim Chair and Coaches Meetings: 6:00 pm
General Check in: 6:15 pm
League Dinner & Meeting:6:45 pm

Two dinner fees included in club FCSL Dues, additional attendees $50 pp - Checks payable to FCSL - hand in at check-in.

Rosters Due by June 23, 2023

Using Swimmingly? Complete Rosters in App by Friday, June 23 6 PM, before participation by any swimmer, diver or player in any swim/dive dual meet or WP games. (See Swimmingly help files in Info, Downloads or in Swimmingly website)

Not using Swimmingly? Submit roster files (.zip, .cl2, .sd3 etc) with no missing info',also by June 23 i.e. before all athletes participation.
In Hy-Tek Team Mgr, use File, Export, Athletes/Teams to make Roster .zip file)
(Minimum info is Name, Gender, Date of Birth)
Submit 2023 files here

Counties Live Video & Warmup Times 2022

2022 Counties Meet is being streamed online again this year.
With live announcing by Jamey Waters (Rocky)
Link to view:

Drop-off at Roxbury 6:45 am
Warm-ups - Open 7 am - 7:20 am
Ages 8/U & 9/10 7:20 am - 7:40 am
Ages 11/12 7:40 am - 8:00 am
Ages 13/over 8:00 am - 8:20 am
Sprints all lanes 8:20 am - 8:35 am
National Anthem & Start

2022 Printed Counties Programs & more

Parents: ask your Swim Coach or Swim Chair if they will pick up a printed Counties Program for you at the August League Meeting. Pre-orders only, notify Renee.
Payment $20 due at Meeting by cash or check payable to FCSL

***Above applies particularly for families without a Swim Counties participant. eg Diving-only & WP-only families. Coaches/Chairs you will have to deliver tho'!***

Note: Counties Programs for sale, right after swimmer drop-off, as parents exit Roxbury.
NO PARKING so have $20 cash or check payable to FCSL ready.
Any Program questions, please contact reneecodd@icloud.com

Code of Conduct Reminder

The FCSL Code of Conduct is to be announced before any FCSL competitive activity.(Rules Appendix XVIII)
Please note FCSL has zero tolerance for failures under this code (WP FAQ #4 & #19):
A. This includes any act the referee deems unsportsmanlike including, but not limited to, the following:
a) making insulting or derogatory remarks or gestures, or acts such as taunting or language or actions that are unsuitable to friendly competition involving young children;
b) trying to influence officials' decisions or flagrant and hostile exhibition of disgust with officials decisions
c) interfering with contestants or meet officials.

Information, Training, Videos for Swimmingly 2021/2

Best place for Information and Training for Swimmingly is at https://swimmingly.app/training
Read the Help Guide and watch relevant videos from June 5 Mtgs:
Scorekeeper and Timing System Recording from June 5 Mtg
Clubhouse recording from June 5 Mtg

UPDATEDTips and Reminders for In-Person Meet Success in 2021 updated 6/27 PLUS separate new Meet Totals page for use at Swimmingly meets (+ manual scoring)

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