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FCSL Virtual Kickoff Meeting - June 18

The traditional FCSL League Kickoff Dinner Meeting has been changed to a Virtual Meeting on Zoom.
More details to follow.

URGENT: Please contact your elected officials to open pools - see May Update

Please read the FCSL President's full May FCSL Update and a Call for your Help to open pools Word docx

FCSL needs ALL interested parties to PLEASE CONTACT their elected officials urge them to allow pools to open for use in CT, as described in this May Update.

Write your own version or you can use this example Word docx to download, personalize to send as an email or letter to your elected CT officials.

Please make sure to read the linked CDC & USA Swimming guidance on using pools in the Covid 19 era (also linked in the May Update letter) :
Water & Covid 19 FAQ's - CDC pdf
Considerations for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds During COVID-19 _ CDC.pdf
USAS Facility-reopening-plan-guidelines.pdf

FCSL President email to GM's Coaches & Chairs - April 15

Email from FCSL President, Megan Kelly, sent to the GMs, Coaches and Chairs following FCSL Board Meeting April 14.

Key Dates 2020

Key Dates posted for 2020 - please consider all dates, locations and times VERY tentative and subject to change.

Counties 2019 Results

Gorgeous weather for Counties this year and some great swims.
Results including team points
Congratulations to Claire Michalik of Innis Arden who won the Mark Newcombe award for High Point by winning all three of her races (decided after a tie-breaker calculation). Kudos also to the three swimmers who paced her by also winning their own three events.
Congrats again to Terry Lowe and the swimmers of Rocky Point Club on winning the top team trophy again. Second was Newfield followed by Roxbury in third place.

Water Polo Championship Playoffs

Results of all 2019 Water Polo Championship Playoffs including All Tournament Players. (Wed 8/7/19 tournaments were all completed on Friday 8/9/19)
Thanks to all the tournament host clubs.
Division 1
Division 2 (as of 8/11/19)
Division 3
Seniors (as of 8/11/19)

Counties Info for Parents and for Coaches

Please read carefully the 2019 Counties Info for Spectators and Swimmers, regarding opening times, important parking/drop-off rules, volunteers, marshalls, food/drink and more!

Coaches: please read carefully the County Championships Info about Banners or Tents and make sure the families of your swimmers participating in Counties are aware of these rules: especially regarding parking/drop-off, volunteers, marshalls, food/drink

Club Assignments for Counties

Please carefully read this informative and explanatory 2019_FCSL_Letter_to_Clubs_Coaches from Maria Brea - FCSL Volunteer and Hospitality Coordinator.
Then next please check out your club assignments: Club Assignments for Counties

WP tournaments postponed to Friday August 9th

Division 3 Midget and Junior Water Polo Tournament at Middlesex Club
11:00am Juniors Middlesex vs. Tokeneke
11:50am Midgets Middlesex vs Rocky Point B
12:40pm Juniors Tokeneke vs. Rocky Point B
2:00pm Juniors Middlesex vs Rocky Point B

Division 1 Junior Water Polo Tournament at Greenwich C.C
11:00am Rocky Point vs. Lake Club
11:50am Roxbury S&T vs. Greenwich C.C.
1:10pm Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 (3rd Place Game)
2:00pm Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 (1st Place Game)

Junior Division 2 Water Polo Tournament at New Canaan Field Club
8:30am Game 1 Newfield vs. Waveny*
9:20am Game 2 Innis Arden vs. New Canaan F.C.
10:40am Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 (3rd Place Game)
11:30a Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 (1st Place Game)

This schedule is contingent on Waveny confirming that they can field a team.

The Senior Tournament still scheduled for Thursday Aug 8 at Rocky Point Club. (GCC Senior team had to drop out so this Senior Tournament has been re-seeded. Please check new seeding carefully, see Playoffs link)

Divisional Meet Results

Divisional Swim Championships are complete.
Top 20 Psych List for Counties, after Scratches Two heats of 8 Swimmers swim with two Alternates in case of further scratches.

If you are listed in the Top 30 for Counties list, please tell your Swim Coach NOW if you can NOT attend Counties on Saturday morning.

Links to Divisional meet results:
Monday August 5: Division 5 and Division 6 were swum in a combined Division 5 & 6 Meet at Tokeneke Club
Division 2 was hosted by Innis Arden
Tuesday August 6:Division 3 and Division 4 were swum in a combined Division 3 & 4 Meet at Burning Tree Country Club
Division 1 was hosted by Shore & Country

Counties Scratch Mtg, 2020 Scheduling Mtg - Location Change

MANDATORY County Seed Meeting & SWIM/DIVE/WP Scheduling Luncheon Wed. at New Canaan Field Club, New Canaan. NOTE LOCATION CHANGE
ALL Counties SCRATCHES are due NOW.
Coaches - be prepared: please contact families to confirm attendance BEFORE this mtg
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM: 2019 Dual Meet Scheduling Meeting - Swim Coach Mandatory!
11:15 AM - 12:00 noon: 2019 Water Polo Scheduling Meeting - WP Coach Mandatory!!
12:00 noon - 1:00 PM: County Champs 2018 Seed/Scratch Meeting - Swim Coach Mandatory!

Annual League Meeting August 9 Invite

FCSL Chairs and Coaches are invited( Invite) to FCSL Annual League Meeting will be held at Woodway Country Club, Friday Aug 9
IF the Swim Chair cannot attend you can send another member instead with a completed Swim Chair Proxy.
IF the Swim Coach cannot attend you can either send another Head Coach or coaching Aquatics Director OR another club member instead, with a completed Swim Coach Proxy.
Please check the Woodway dress code
Two places are pre-paid by each club, additional attendees are approx $50 each.

All FCSL Diving Championships Results

Diving Championships started Wednesday July 24 at Burning Tree CC with the 14/Under & 17/Under divers. Next day were the 10/Under divers at New Canaan Field Club followed by the 12/Under divers at The Lake Club.
17/under Girls Diving results
17/under Boys Diving results
14/under Girls Diving results
14/under Boys Diving results
12/under Girls 1M Diving results
12/under Boys 1M Diving results
12/under Boys & Girls 3M Diving results
10/under Girls Diving results
10/under Boys Diving results including New Boys 10/U 1M Record set by Quinn Neyer
Diving Championships Team Standings

Divisional Meet Event Files

Importable zipped event files for the Divisional Swim Championships have been posted in Downloads, see All Divisional Team Mgr Event zip files 2019 link.
They are posted in two formats (U & Non-U) so please read explanation carefully.
Team entries are DUE Wednesday, July 31 to entries@fcsl.info

Submit your Ad for Counties Program

Check out the Early Bird Flyer for the Counties Program Ads.

Eligibility Petitions Approved, updated July 17

Eligibility Petitions for the children of Club employees have been Approved by the FCSL Board for the following Athletes:
Ryan Lewis 16 (Woodway,)
Anneliese Ashley 15; Charlotte Ashley 15 (Riverside),
Summer Fine 10, Stratton Fine 7 (Newfield)
Kendall Somma 15, Jake Somma 13 (New Canaan Field Club)
Ainsleigh Brezac 13, Ian Brezac 11 (Barone)(New Canaan Field Club)
Kristopher Flores (Roton Point)

Voting has now concluded for two more Petitions Approved by the FCSL Board for the following Athletes:
Mia Secko-Thompson 12 (Rocky Point)
Lily Maher 10, Bevin Maher 9 (Waveny)

Another Petition has been Approved by vote of the FCSL Board for:
Grace Swift (CC Darien)

To avoid confusion...

... regarding what happens in FCSL relay races when a swimmer jumps in the pool before all racers are finished:
FCSL Rules are different from HS (CIAC) or college (NCAA) rules, and follow USA Swimming Rules plus specific FCSL Swimming Rules.

The DQ/penalty is imposed on the swimmer who jumps in, not on the relay-team.
Exception: if the swimmer who jumps in at the wrong time is one of the four swimmers in a relay-team in the race then that relay-team is DQ (disqualified).

FCSL Championships

All Swim/Dive Championships dates, times & locations now listed/updated in Key Dates
Midget & Junior Water Polo Championship tournaments can only be set after dual games are complete.

FCSL Swim, Dive & Water Polo Referees 2019

2019 certified Referees - contact info Certified Swim Referees upd' 7/11 Certified Dive Referees Certified WP Referees
Any concerns regarding your Referee? Text Rick Lewis (Swim), Paul Ramaley (WP), Joe Somma (Dive)
Remember: Check that your Referee does not have a conflict of interest now or from affiliations in recent past.
Swim Chairs - Notify the Swim Chair of your dual meet opponent, of the Referee's name asap, but no later than the day before meet.
Recommended minimum referee payments shown on these pdf lists too

Club Athlete Rosters requirement reinstated -

Requirement to submit annual club athlete rosters has been reinstated.
All Athletes Rosters need to be sent to entries@fcsl.info Initially by 6pm June 25.
Please use Team Manager GROUP setting for your swim/dive Division: To set globally in Team Manager use Teams, Maintenance, Group D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, or D6

Additional athletes should be added later (send replacement or additional file) before participation in FCSL dual meet or water polo game.
How to make Team Manager Roster file - Please - NO Excel spreadsheets!
Inputting Athlete info in Team Manager (based on old TM versions but applies similarly to later versions)

FCSL Diving Meetings & Championships - location correction

MANDATORY Diving Meeting June 24 at 6 PM at New Canaan YMCA for all Dive Coaches and Referee certifications.
Diving Championships will be 7/24 thru 7/26, all entries due by 5 PM July 21 to divingentries@fcsl.info
Seed Meeting and Championship Meeting July 22 at 6 PM at New Canaan Field Club.
(Age Group Champs locations listed in Key Dates)

Handouts at 2019 Kickoff

FCSL Referee Checklist for all Referees
Details on Be An Early Bird pricing and updated dates due for Counties Program Ads

FCSL Weather Protocol for all meets or games - thunder, lightning, gales.

Get SMS Weather related updates for all FCSL Championships on your phone or iPad using rainedout.net
After signing up, make sure to subscribe to your specific sports and/or divisions.
Opt-In now! go to https://tinyurl.com/fcslweather
(Can be used for all meets or games - contact FCSL if help needed to set up.)

FCSL Kickoff League Meeting June 6

Annual League KICKOFF Dinner Meeting 5:45 PM check-in at Country Club of Darien : Invite
Water Polo Chairs must attend this meeting OR later Water Polo Coach/Referee Meeting
MANDATORY Swim COACH Mtg. 6:00 PM (Min. 1 Swim Coach/Club.)
MANDATORY Swim CHAIR Mtg. 6:00 PM (Scorers & Dive Chairs also welcome)
6:45 PM League Dinner and Meeting - MANDATORY for Swim Coach* and Swim Chair others welcome.

Unable to attend - send adult Member with completed Proxy Form: Swim Chair Proxy or Swim Coach Proxy * see further info on forms
CCD Cell Phone Restrictions - CCD Dress Code

*New* SWIM REFEREES Training for ALL FCSL Swim Referees

Following the first meeting of the FCSL Officials Oversight Committee, please note ALL FCSL Swim Referees will need to attend an FCSL Officials Clinic before officiating any FCSL swim meet in 2019.
June 18, 6-8 PM at Waveny Pool
June 19, 6-8 PM at Greenwich Country Club. Note: dress code: collared shirts no jeans.
MANDATORY All prospective Swim Referees and ALL existing FCSL referees MUST attend one of two sessions OR CANNOT officiate in 2019.
Any questions? Please email Skip Lehmann or Wayne Pollak, FCSL Officials Oversight Committee Co-Chairs, OR Rick Lewis FCSL Officials Chair.

Website is now https not http

Our website fcsl.info now has SSL so please update any saved links pointing to the website to use https instead of http ie https://fcsl.info

To improve security further, please change your password now.
It should have at least EIGHT (8) characters, include at least ONE (1) Upper-case letter, ONE (1) Lower-case letter, and at least TWO (2) numbers.

You can change your password after you login.
(Please don't use your Date of Birth or other easy-to-guess characters.)
NO commas, periods, brackets, dashes, Asterisk, nor any other similar character.

Counties 2019

Many thanks to Roxbury Swim & Tennis Club who once again have agreed to host the FCSL Swim Championships, aka "Counties", Saturday August 10, 2019

Six 2019 Swim/Dive Divisions

At the FCSL Kickoff League Meeting June 7th,2018, the Member Clubs of the League voted unanimously to change from 5 Divisions to 6 Divisions in 2019 to ease fixture congestion.

Replacement General Sports Rules pages 1 & 2 for your FCSL Rule Book were in each June 2018 'club bag' reflecting this Division change. (Specific Changes) PLEASE put them in your Rule Book 3-ring binder!
Pdf's of all these new Rule Book pages will also be found in the Downloads area.

Click here to see the 2019 Divisions.

Please read...

FCSL Co-Presidents letter to the Members of FCSL Clubs regarding Swim Counties meet cancellation and attempts to re-schedule.

Visit FCSL Clubs
own websites

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Aspetuck Valley CC
Bailiwick Club
Belle Haven Club
Black Rock Yacht Club
Burning Tree CC
CC of Darien
CC of New Canaan
Field Club of Greenwich
Greenwich CC
Greenwich Water Club
Innis Arden Club
Lake Club
Middlesex Club
Milbrook Club
New Canaan Field Club
Newfield Swim & Tennis Club
Patterson Club
Riverside Yacht Club
Rocky Point Club
Roton Point Club
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Shorehaven Golf Club
Silver Spring CC
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Wee Burn Country Club
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