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FCSL June Kickoff League Dinner Meeting - June 9th 2022

Formal Invite - coming soon!
Swim Chair can't attend? Make sure to fill out this form for your Swim Chair Proxy to take to the meeting.
Swim Coach can't attend? Make sure to fill out this form for your Swim Coach Proxyto take to the meeting

** May 2022 Info ** from FCSL Co-Presidents

Important Information: Key Dates, Rosters and more!
Read it all HERE in Co-Presidents May Info Letter.

Information is being added to this page and Key Dates - please keep checking back.

Swim Counties will be at Roxbury, Aug 6, 2022

The FCSL Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal to host the Summer Swim Championships “Counties” at Roxbury S&T Club. The meet will be Saturday August 6, 2022.
Many thanks to Roxbury S & T Club for their willingness to host Counties again.

b>ALL clubs: Check your scheduled 2022 dual meets and WP games.
Do you need to change any?

Coaches/Chairs: Contact opponents now, (before 2022!), if date changes are needed.
Chairs: notify all changes to FCSL BOARD (by email: webmaster@fcsl.info)

Recommended Minimum FCSL Referee Fees 2022

Recommended Minimum Fees 2022 for FCSL Referees are :
DIVE Referee at dual meets $100 (NEW Updated by Board vote Mar 2022)
SWIM Referee at dual meets - $175 if no exhibition or unofficial heats in meet.
But $200 if exhibition/unofficial heats are run.
These fees are updates from those shown in previously posted Rules (ie pdf's in Rules Downloads).
Referee payment check should be written ahead (ie So Referee can be paid at meet.)
WATER POLO Fees for Referees are as listed in the WP Mtg Highlights document
Water Polo games: $60 for 1 game, $100 for 2 games and $140 for 3 games.
Typically $200 total (includes 2nd official for sr game) for the dual games.

2022 Swim/Dive Dual Meets Schedules posted

The 2022 Swim/Dive Dual Meets Schedules agreed at the August 2021 Scheduling Meeting are now posted.
Any needed changes should be agreed by the two Clubs' Swim Chairs and notified to FCSL by both Chairs emailing webmaster@fcsl.info
Remember to also notify the Swim Officials Chair - lewisshark@aol.com and Dive Coaches Rep - Joe Somma for Swim & Dive Referee notification.
Notify WP Coaches Rep Paul Ramaley for Water Polo Referee notification.

Divisional Swim Championships

Thanks to Middlesex (Div 1), Greenwich Water Club (Div 2) & Burning Tree CC Div 3 & 4)who have graciously agreed to host Swim Divisional Championships on Tuesday, August 2, 2022
And to Bailiwick who have offered to host Divisions 5 & 6 Swim Divisional Championships on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Note: Although combined divisional meets will be seeded and swum mixed, their results will be separated by division.

Water Polo Minis, Establishing Counties Date

Completed Waivers must be received by June before participation by any swimmer, diver or player in any swim/dive dual meet ot water polo games.
Coaches for any team not using Swimmingly must also submit rosters without missing information before athletes participation. (Name, gender, date of birth, phone # and email address is minimum)

Water Polo Minis, Establishing Counties Date

At the August 6, 2021 FCSL League Meeting a vote was passed to change the name of the Midgets Water Polo age group to Minis .

A committee to study the date of Counties each year was established under the joint leadership of Terry Lowe (Rocky Point) and Pat Swift (CC Darien) to report back by Jan 1, 2022

Counties Over for Another Year

Thanks to everyone for their help at the Championships.
Please feel free to forward the links below to your participants:

Swim Results (updated 8/10/21) https://www.fcsl.info/CountiesResults2021.pdf
Press: General: https://bit.ly/37oSF6g Meghan Lynch: https://bit.ly/3lJaQfs

Livestream recording (watch for free or download a copy for a nominal fee): https://www.meridix.com/event/196802

Pictures: https://heikecoffeephotography.shootproof.com/gallery/Counties2021

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Counties Results

Results of County Swim Championships held at Roxbury S & T Club
Congratulations to Meghan Lynch, Bailiwick who broke two FCSL Records (Girls 17/under 100 Individual Medley and 100 Free) on her way to winning the high point Mark Newcombe Award.

Video streaming.

Counties swim race streaming at Roxbury S&T Club.
Due to start about 8am or later.
Races due to start 8:30 am.

Meet Programs (mementos) for sale on Roxbury driveway $20
No parking at club, General parking at Westhill HS

Top 18 for Counties - Warmups

Psych list of Top 18 swimmers for Counties list pdf - click HERE
Note that this is not a seeded list. File is called CorrectedPsychSheet2021.pdf

Warm up for 13/Overs is 7:00-7:30 am
Warm up for 12 /unders is 7:30-8:00 am
Sprints for all ages is 8:00-8:20 am
Meet (races) starts at 8:30 AM
2nd Warmup will take place immediately after 17U girls 100IM. (likely after 10AM).

Water Polo Championships

Water Polo Results will be found under 'WP Playoffs' link (in yellow menu area)
Updated after games completed.
Includes All Tournament Teams.

Swim Divisional Championships Times & Scores

Combined Results = Top 30 for Counties scratching!
Families with swimmers in this list who will NOT be available for Counties should let their Swim Coach know ASAP as Counties Seed Mtg is Wed AM Aug 4.

Some Divisional Results are now available:
Division 1, including team scores
Division 2, including team scores
Division 3, including team scores
Division 4*, including team scores
Division 5, including team scores
Division 6, including team scores
* D4: Event #42 corrected

Divisionals video link

Video Available for Divisional meets #1, 2, 4
Video of some Divisional meets that are not allowing spectators (or reduced numbers) is available :

Click on the video screen labeled with the Division name you want to view.
NO payment to view on site, (but Advertising at beginning!)
Payment option refers to Download button, after 7 day free trial.

If insufficient bandwidth at host club, video may miss parts of meet, eg D4 stops after Backstroke.

The Home Stretch.....

We are in the home stretch for our 2021 FCSL season. Congrat's to all of our divers who participated in County Diving Championships this past week!

A few reminders for this week: (click to read the rest of this important info!)

Note: this info was emailed to the FCSL Board, Chairs & Coaches today. If you did not receive it, please check your Spam folder! (Especially any gmail users!)

Printed Counties Programs & more

Parents: ask your Swim Coach or Swim Chair if they will pick up a printed Counties Program for you at the August League Meeting. Pre-orders only, notify Renee.
Payment $20 due at Meeting by cash or check payable to FCSL

Above applies particularly for families without a Swim Counties participant. eg Diving-only & WP-only families. Coaches/Chairs you will have to deliver tho'!

Note: Counties Programs will be for sale, right after swimmer drop-off, as parents exit Roxbury.
NO PARKING so have $20 cash or check payable to FCSL ready.
Any Program questions, please contact reneecodd@icloud.com

NO SPECTATORS at Counties meet nor Division 2 meet, only volunteer workers, coaches & swimmers. Hoping this meet & D2 meet will be video streamed - details to follow.

Annual FCSL League Mtg - Friday, August 6th 2021

Annual League Meeting at Woodway Country Club,
Check-in 6:30 PM, Mtg starts 7:30 PM

Advance REGISTRATION required - check your INVITE for reg'n info, Swim Coach Proxy form, - Swim Chair Proxy form

NOTE: Only the "Swim Chair" and the "Swim Coach" can complete a Proxy form for non-attendance.(Per ByLaws) Please read proxy forms carefully.

Two attendees included in Club Dues.
Attendance by at least one Swim Coach and Swim Chair per club is REQUIRED. Additional attendees are $50 each. Please note: Woodway Dress Code

Diving County Championships 2021 Results

Girls 17/U 1M & 3M - - Boys 17/U 1M & 3M
Girls 14/U 1M & 3M - - Boys 14/U 1M & 3M
Girls 12/U 1M & 3M - - Boys 12/U 1M & 3M
Girls 10/U 1M - - Boys 10/U 1M
New Diving Record: Girls 10/Under 1 Meter was set by Alden Charette of Rocky Point Club

Mid July FCSL Update from FCSL President

Please read President's July Update to Clubs covering:
Respect referees, athlete/parent behaviour
Divisionals updates + important Entry info including Swimmingly & updated Hy-Tek or TU (with max event rules etc)
County Program Ads due dates/prices(Early Bird Flyer)
Open Board positions for 2022 season.

Finally please post scores on fcsl.info promptly .

Divisional Swim Entries Due July 27 by 8 PM

Send importable entry file (as zipped .sd3 or .cl2 file NOT .csv file) from Swimmingly, TU or Hy-Tek to entries@fcsl.info
Before submission, verify entry carefully against FCSL Swimming Rules, table on pg 18 thru pg 19
Relay-only swimmers (Div'n or Counties) must be in the entry file.
Note: Divisional ALTernates do not swim unless a scratch in same event for same team.

Code of Conduct Reminder

The FCSL Code of Conduct is to be announced before any FCSL competitive activity.(Rules Appendix XVIII)
Please note FCSL has zero tolerance for failures under this code (WP FAQ #4 & #19):
A. This includes any act the referee deems unsportsmanlike including, but not limited to, the following:
a) making insulting or derogatory remarks or gestures, or acts such as taunting or language or actions that are unsuitable to friendly competition involving young children;
b) trying to influence officials' decisions or flagrant and hostile exhibition of disgust with officials� decisions
c) interfering with contestants or meet officials.

Graduating Srs - Program Ads due by Aug 3, 2021

Commemorative printed Counties Program is planned again for 2021.
Send in your club printable ad's! ASAP!
Clubs cannot wait until after Divisionals or your ad will only get in any addendum!
Don't forget to submit PDF ads celebrating your graduating Seniors to ads@fcsl.info by 2 PM August 3
Early Bird discount if received by 10 PM July 29th - Early Bird Flyer with size & price details.

REMINDER - Plan your Swim Across America 2021

Details for SAA in letter from Deb Ehret, FCSL Past President/SAA Liaison

Check out the new 2021 Swim Across America Flyer (pdf)

Check out our new Swim Across America page (menu item in yellow box)

Weather Protocol, Partial Postponments

Please read the FCSL Weather Protocol - (Appendix XXVI)posted in Rules Downloads
If bad weather is expected, be pro-active, work with your opponents to adapt the starting times, reduce exhibition heats, etc.
If a dual meet starts but must be suspended by stormy weather, FCSL Rules apply - FCSL General Sports Rules, Pg 7, section L 3. - Postponements
If the same Referee cannot officiate the day the meet is to be completed, notify Rick Lewis ASAP

July FCSL Update from FCSL President

Please read President's July Update to Clubs covering:
Optional sheet for Backup Watch Times (Swimmingly)as listed in Info Downloads
Roster updates; Divisionals locations updates
Hot! weather; Swimmingly Help #;
Post scores on fcsl.info promptly please.

IMPORTANT - Mercy Rule in Swimmingly

When using Swimmingly, make sure the Mercy Rule is set correctly - watch the very short video! to find out how.

Mercy Rule means max 2 swimmers per club may score in an event, next swimmer (if any) on other team gets 3rd place point. Neither team may score 3 places in an event.

Needs to be input a specific way and it is NOT preset unless you set it.
If you have a problem setting it up, make that third place swim (team also placing 1st & 2nd) Unofficial/Exhibition so points scored will be correct.

Waivers and Rosters

Completed Waivers must be received by June before participation by any swimmer, diver or player in any swim/dive dual meet ot water polo games.
Coaches for any team not using Swimmingly must also submit rosters without missing information before athletes participation. (Name, gender, date of birth, phone # and email address is minimum)

Information, Training, Videos for Swimmingly 2021

Best place for Information and Training for Swimmingly is at https://swimmingly.app/training
Read the Help Guide and watch relevant videos from June 5 Mtgs:
Scorekeeper and Timing System Recording from June 5 Mtg
Clubhouse recording from June 5 Mtg

UPDATEDTips and Reminders for In-Person Meet Success in 2021 updated 6/27 PLUS separate new Meet Totals page for use at Swimmingly meets (+ manual scoring)

Waivers to be signed by parents

Note: Parents of all athletes must sign our Fairfield County Swimming League Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 prior to participating in FCSL organized competitions, including dual meets or games.

Eligibility Petitions Approved 2021

Eligibility Petitions approved by FCSL Board vote for following employees' children:
INAR - S. Maldonado, NEWF - D. Pellow
WAV - M & C McGuinnes , WAV - L & B Maher
ROTP - B. Natlo, ROTP - K. Flores, ROCK - M. Secko-Thompson,
RYC - A. Larson, NCFC - J. & K. Somma, STAN - M. D'Ambrosio,
STAN - X. Wolfgruber, GCC - C. & C. Armstrong, GCC - T. Gruss

Register Divers & Water Polo Players in Swimmingly

Clubs using Swimmingly should register their Divers so they can be scored properly in FCSL dual meets in the system. Also for proper application of the "4 event rule"

All aquatics athletes registered in Swimmingly will initially be billed BUT any athletes who do NOT SWIM (eg just dive) will be credited back at the end of the season. This applies similarly for Water Polo only players who do not swim.

2021 Water Polo Meeting

Important Highlights of the Water Polo Meeting held June 15, 2021 for WP Coaches and WP Chairs, and FCSL WP Referees

WP Referees are assigned by Paul Ramaley, FCSL WP Coaches Rep, so make sure all game date/time changes are notified to webmaster@fcsl.info ASAP. Both clubs chairs must notify agreement to any change.

Cheer on Fairfield County Swimmers at Olympic Trials

The USA Olympic Swim Trials Wave II started Sunday, June 13th. Local Swimmers:
FCSL record holders swimmers Alex and Gretchen Walsh, who grew up swimming at Rocky Point Club, now swim for U of Virginia
7/16: CONGRATS to Alex, qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics by winning the 200IM !
[And Ridgefield swimmer Kieran Smith (while not an FCSL swimmer) has already made the USA Olympic team]

Swimmingly Parent Activation how-to video's

Swimmingly Parent Activation help for Club Admins (6 mins video)
Swimmingly Parent Activation help for Parent/Guardians (3 mins video)

Printing Timing Pads

In case a club needs to order/purchase printed manual timing pads:
Jon DeCrescenzo (Formerly of High Ridge Printing & Copy Center)
MINUTEMAN PRESS, 167 Main Street,Norwalk, CT 06851,tel (203)838-2795

2021 Kickoff League Meeting June 10

The evening dinner 2021 Kickoff League Meeting was in person at Country Club of Darien, June 10, 2021
Invite with check-in times/details.

Eligibility Petition process 2021

Swim Chairs : If your club employees' children are eligible for your club's swim/dive/water polo team participation as if members, please apply for FCSL Board approval before the first dual meet or game.
Swim Chairs should login thru the Club Login link well BEFORE their first FCSL meet. Choose the link Swimmer Eligibility Request on the Club Management page. Please fill in the form completely.

Update club contact info 2021 ASAP

Club Swim Chair or Swim Coach should use a club login with a password to access the club management page.
If your club contact info is out-of-date, your club won't get FCSL info emails.
(Email webmaster@fcsl.info if password mislaid.)
See also club website usage how-to Website Usage Guide as listed on Info Downloads page.

Calendar 2021

FCSL hopes that the 2021 summer season will return to normal but all is dependent on club, town, state and national guidelines. FCSL will remain flexible and adapt as necessary.
As of now we are currently aiming for all 2021 FCSL Championships in whatever format may be necessary to conclude on or before August 7, 2021.

Host clubs are needed for all championships.

Challenge completed after storm damage delays 2020

You can view Results in the Swimmingly app.

Challenge, results delayed by storm

Diving Judging delayed as several Referees/Sr coaches have no power.

Some clubs pool inundated during storm so if still trying to complete the Swim Challenge you have until EOD Wednesday, Aug 12th.

Results will be posted when available.

FCSL Virtual Diving Relay Challenge 2020

Replaced our traditional Championship Diving events - 2020 Only
attached pdf file for the details.
All coaches who RSVP will receive a link to upload club participating dive video.
Questions re: video, please contact (call or text):
Adam Vance 267-640-1284 or Dylan Korn 914-262-2518

FCSL Swimsuit Rule amended - See Appendix XXIV

Starting summer 2020 tech suits are not allowed in FCSL competition.
FCSL will apply the prohibition to ALL AGES not just 12 & Unders as in USA Swimming: DQ!!
A "Tech Suit" is defined as a suit that has bonded seams, kinetic tape, or meshed seams.
Full explanation is in Appendix XXIV, now posted in Downloads.

To avoid confusion...

... regarding what happens in FCSL relay races when a swimmer jumps in the pool before all racers are finished:
FCSL Rules are different from HS (CIAC) or college (NCAA) rules, and follow USA Swimming Rules plus specific FCSL Swimming Rules.

The DQ/penalty is imposed on the swimmer who jumps in, not on the relay-team.
Exception: if the swimmer who jumps in at the wrong time is one of the four swimmers in a relay-team in the race then that relay-team is DQ (disqualified).
See also FAQ's for further info.

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